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AeroShell Piston Engine Oils

AeroShell lubricants are committed to ensuring low-cost, dependable flights by safeguarding your aircraft, minimising maintenance expenses, and enhancing efficiency. You can rely on the AeroShell range of piston engine oils (PEO) to help protect your engine, reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency. Whether you keep a vintage aircraft flying, take off in sub-zero temperatures or run a compression-ignition (diesel) engine on jet fuel, there is an AeroShell oil designed specifically to help lift your performance. Browse the full range of AeroShell PEOs below.

Piston Engine Oils (PEOs) have a high reputation throughout the general aviation community. Our partner AeroShell have been manufacturing and supplying PEOs for over 90 years, and these oils are used and trusted by more aircraft engineers and pilots than any other brand.

There are two main types of piston engine oil: non-dispersant mineral oils (straight single grade oils) and ashless dispersant single grade oils.

Non-dispersant mineral oils (straight single grade oils)

  • Blended from high viscosity index (HVI) base stocks
  • Do not contain additives except for a small amount of pour-point depressant and an anti-oxidant
  • Grades must be selected and changed to suit the climate(temperature)
  • Available in Grades 65, 80, 100 and 120
  • Used for the break-in process on new or recently overhauled engines. This helps the piston ring and cylinder wall mate together and create a good gas seal
  • Approved to SAE-J-1966(formerly MIL-L-6082E).

Ashless dispersant single grade oils

  • Blended from HVI base stocks and non-metallic additives to give exceptional stability, dispersancy and antifoaming properties
  • Used for the normal operation of all four-stroke aviation piston engines
  • Grades must be selected and changed to suit the climate (temperature)
  • Approved to SAE-J-1899 (formerly MIL-L-22851D)
  • Available in Grades W80, W100 and W120, as well as W80 Plus and W100 Plus
  • AeroShell Oil W80 Plus and W100 Plus are premium single-grade oils containing the standard additives of ashless dispersant oils plus an anti-wear additive, a corrosion inhibitor and a metal passivator. These advanced additives provide extra protection against corrosion, rust and wear.

Selecting the correct grade

The AeroShell straight and W series oils should be selected and changed to suit the climate.

 Outside air temperature °CCorresponding SAE Number 
AeroShell Oil 65  Below -12 30
AeroShell Oil 80 and W80/W80Plus -17 to +21 40
AeroShell Oil 100 and W100/W100Plus 15.6 to 32 50
AeroShell Oil 120 and W120 Above 26 60

Brochure Spotlight

Poor-quality oil may fail to protect your engine from wear and corrosion, and allow efficiency- and power-robbing sludge to form. The result could lead to frequent and costly maintenance.

AeroShell oils are designed to give your engine protection from wear, corrosion and deposits. For example, AeroShell Oil W 100 Plus had over one and a third times the load-carrying capacity of a competitor’s multigrade oil in FZG scuffing load tests. That means it is better at keeping heavily loaded components apart and free from harmful metal-on-metal wear.

Content Spotlight: AeroShell for Piston Engine Aircraft Preservation


For various reasons, many owners decide to hanger their aircraft for periods of time. An integral part of the process of preparing an aircraft for storage should be to use a preservation oil to give protection against corrosion, which greatly accelerates the rate of wear in an engine.

When an engine stands idle for long periods the oil absorbs water from the atmosphere and, combined with condensation on the internal engine components, causes rust to form. Once the rust has formed it remains in the oil and acts as a grinding paste, causing increased wear, reduced engine life and potentially higher maintenance bills.

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AeroShell greases, including AeroShell Grease 22 for wheel bearings and engine accessories, and AeroShell Grease 6 and 7 for multipurpose airframe applications have a wide variety of applications on piston engine powered aircraft. In addition, AeroShell hydraulic fluids, including AeroShell Fluid 41 “super-clean” hydraulic fluid, can offer improved performance for your aircraft.