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Silmid are a global distributor of tapes used to protect, hold and fasten. We provide tapes from a wide range of leading manufacturers including 3M, Velcro, Permacel, Nitto, Gore and many more. We stock a wide range of vinyl tapes, self adhesive tapes, glass cloth tapes, film tapes and polyurethane tapes.

With over 40 years of experience within the industry the team at Silmid can help you identify the perfect solution for your most pressing challenges. We have tapes suitable for all parts of the aircraft from cabin structures to exterior needs. 

Our speciality tapes can provide a durable and flame resistant barrier that can prevent corrosion and damage to the interior and exterior of the aircraft. Read more about our range of tapes on this page or click the link below to view all tapes.

Popular Tapes

Glass Cloth Tapes

Perfect for applications requiring high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures with excellent absorption of resins and varnishes. 3M is one of our predominant sources for glass cloth tapes that cover a variety of widths, lengths and temperature ratings. 

Polyurethane Tapes

PPT Tapes are used on surfaces that require protection from the elements. This can be the aircraft belly, leading edges, wings, landing gear and helicopter blades. PPT are required on military aircrafts to protect the aircraft against all harsh landing environments often surrounding rock and sand. 

Specialty Tapes

We stock a wide range of specialty tapes that include waterproof, transfer, stretch tapes and more. With a series of tapes from a wide range of global brands including Parker Chomerics, Adavance Tapes, Orcon, Arlon, 3M and more. 


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Take a look at our full range of industrial tapes, we have hundreds of tapes to help you find the perfect solution to your most pressing challenges. We have tapes suitable for all parts of the aircraft from cabin structures to exterior needs. 

3M are a market leading US company with a global presence that specialises in science based technology. For more than 70 years 3M have passionately worked with leading professionals to solve some of the greatest challenges in the aerospace industry. 

3M have a fantastic range of industrial and aerospace tapes, with the right solutions for every challenge from aircraft interiors to exteriors. 3M have a range of polyurethane protection tapes and films to enhance corrosion resistance and protect interior and exterior components while meeting exacting design and aircraft specifications.