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Skydrol Lubricants

With no minimum order value, stock levels against the entire Skydrol range and 24/7 on-demand access via our website, Sil-Mid is your number one choice for Skydrol products.

Skydrol Lubricants

SKYDROL Hydraulic Fluids

Backed by recognised experts in the phosphate ester technology, Skydrol was the first fire-resistant hydraulic fluid in the industry, and today it remains one of the most advanced aviation hydraulic oils on the market. With Skydrol you get a proven product developed to meet the exacting requirements established by manufacturers. 

Skydrol is approved by all airframe manufacturers specifying phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, including, Boeing Seattle - BMS3-11, Boeing Long Beach – DMS2014, Airbus Industrie – NSA307110 and more. 

With no minimum order value, stock levels against the entire Skydrol range and 24/7 on-demand access via our website, Sil-Mid is your number one choice for Skydrol products. 

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Featured Product: Skydrol PE-5 Hydraulic Fluid

Skydrol PE-5 is the first name in aviation hydraulic fluids. A Type V, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid specifically formulated to meet the changing needs of the aviation industry, PE-5 offers the longest fluid life of any phosphate ester fluid on the market today and is designed to perform even under high moisture conditions. With less frequent fluid replacement and reduced disposal volume, Skydrol PE-5 will help decrease your environmental footprint. 


  • Skydrol PE-5 is specifically formulated to meet and exceed the more demanding harmonized specifications as developed by Boeing, Airbus, and the hydraulic fluid manufacturers. 
  • Skydrol PE-5 provides the ultimate in performance efficiency. 
  • Supplies all the advantages of the longest fluid life at design conditions. 
  • The environment also benefits from less frequent fluid replacement. 
Skydrol PE-5 Hydraulic Fluid tin

Skydrol Product Safety


Skydrol fluids are phosphate ester-based fluids blended with performance additives. Care should be taken in handling Skydrol fluids to keep them from spilling on plastic materials and paints that tend to soften. Skydrol fluids will not harm most clothing but materials like rayon acetate and some types of rubber-soled shoes may soften and deteriorate when exposed to Skydrol fluids. 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, safety glasses to minimize potential exposure, and in some cases a respirator may be required where engineering controls are not met to reduce airborne concentration. For safety precautions specific to your Skydrol product, refer to the product safety data sheet (SDS) which can be accessed from our product detail pages. 

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