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Silmid is a leading global distributor of coatings for the aerospace, engineering, defence, automotive and rail industry. We have a large product range featuring coatings from leading brands such as AkzoNobel, Bonderite, PPG, Ardrox, Indestructible and many more. 

With over 40 years experience and product knowledge when it comes to the aerospace industry, here at Silmid we can help you find identify the perfect solution to your needs. We have a fantastic range of coatings to protect surfaces against chemicals and various forms of corrosion on a large variety of materials. 

The broad range supplied and distributed by Silmid includes acrylics, solvents, base and top coats, removers, primers, surface treatments and a number of other speciality coatings. 

Aerospace Coatings

Popular Coatings


We stock a wide range of aerospace paints, from global brands including AkzoNobel, PPG and Indestructible. Silmid stocks paints that are suitable for a range of sectors including commercial aviation, defence, aerospace, rail and more. 


We stock a wide range of aerospace varnishes, with many designed for use as a protective finish over the exterior of the aircraft. They can also be used over primed surfaces on the structural interior of airframes.

Paint Removal

Aerospace coatings are extremely chemical resistant and are therefore difficult to remove using mild paint removers, Silmid are able to offer solutions for the removal of aerospace coatings with products from global leading brands. 

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A single aircraft is a highly complex assembly of specific coatings, each of which have their own technical requirements. Need help finding a coating, our team have over 40 years of aerospace knowledge. 

PPG Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of coatings and surface solutions. PPG is constantly delivering new technologies and solutions to airframe manufacturers and MRO providers for the commercial, military and general aviation industries globally. 

PPG's aerospace coatings are qualified to more commercial and general aviation specifications than any other supplier. 

  • More than one thousand types of coatings available, offering the industries biggest product catalogue. 
  • PPG coatings can be applied on numerous substrates including fiberglass, composites and metallic surfaces for superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals and rain erosion. 
PPG Coatings