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Silmid coatings

One of the country's leading dedicated distributors of coatings, silicones, sealants, lubricants, surface treatments, adhesives and special cleaning agents, Silmid began trading almost 40 years ago in January 1980. At that time, our business was mostly concentrated in the aerospace industry, but since then we have expanded massively and now count amongst our clients businesses in a wide range of other sectors, including defence, engineering, renewable energies, oil and gas drilling and exploration and electronics, as well as the automobile, marine and rail industries. In almost four decades, we've become internationally renowned as leaders in the world of industrial coatings.


PPG aerospace is a leading manufacturer of transparencies, sealants, and coatings, and provider of electrochromic window systems, surface solutions, packaging, and chemical management services, delivering new technologies and solutions to airframe manufacturers, airlines and maintenance providers for the commercial, military and general aviation industries globally.

PPG's aerospace coatings are qualified to more commercial and general aviation specifications than any other supplier.

  • More than one thousand types of coatings available, offering the industry’s broadest product line.

  • Coatings can be applied on numerous substrates including fiberglass, composites, and metallic surfaces for superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals and rain erosion.

What kind of coatings are available and what do they do?

Coatings and paints are created to protect against chemicals and various forms of corrosion on a large variety of materials. The broad range supplied and distributed by Silmid includes acrylics, solvents, base and top coats, removers, primers, surface treatments and a number of other speciality coatings. Our range of products includes examples from world-leading manufacturers Akzo Nobel, Chemetall, Deft, Henkel, PPG Aerospace and Trimite.

Uses for coatings are practically infinite and are expanding all the time as emerging coating technologies are developed and extend upon the already vast list of potential applications. Coatings fulfil two main and equally important functions in industry, that of decoration and protection.

Around 45% of all the coatings produced throughout the planet are used to protect and decorate new buildings, and to maintain structures that already exist, including public buildings, residential apartments, homes, factories and manufacturing plants.

A further 40% of the world's coatings output are what's known as "product finishes" and they are used to protect and/or decorate industrial products. If they didn't have coatings, the lives of many products would likely be shortened dramatically and a great many more many products wouldn't even make it to market. 

The majority of the remaining coatings fall into the "special purpose" category and have a variety of applications, including vehicle refinishing, traffic paints, the protection of marine vessels and structures, and higher-performance coatings for use on industrial equipment and plants.     

What can coating help with?

A brief list of the areas in which coatings can be extremely helpful might include:

* waterproofing and sealing wood, metal, concrete and masonry

* waterproofing and sealing roofs, floors, walls, bridges and so on

* preserving the integrity of structures, machinery and equipment

* transforming the adhesive properties of a surface

* absorbing harmful UV to protect both the substrate and people's eyesight

* resisting certain corrosive chemicals

* protecting against wear

* providing anti-scratch coatings

* plating products

* conducting and insulating equipment and machinery

In which industries can you find coatings being used?

The list of possible applications for industrial coatings is endless and includes any industry or sector in manufacturing or construction. Coatings are used anywhere just about any surface needs protecting or decorating. Perhaps the most common application for the coating products we sell at Sil-Mid is the prevention of corrosion for concrete and steel.

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