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Product Repacking

Our repacking team provide a range of services to contract customers and suppliers. The ability to repack small volumes of materials with a fast turnaround provides a truly value added service. To ensure the optimum application of many materials, the pack size or pack format, can be changed to reduce waste, save time and improve accuracy.

Fluid Repack

Fluid Packing

Our repack facility specialises in packing fluids of all types. Primarily we provide downfill from bulk pack in either IBC or 205lt drum into a range of container sizes from 450ml trigger spray, 1lt bottles, 5lt cans and 20lt drums. Products covered include lubricating oils, specialty fluids and silicone fluids.

Grease Repack

Grease Packing

Silmid is the only authorised repacker of AeroShell Greases, these can be provided in a range of containers. Military and Defence customers often require specific packaging and these can include cartridges, tins, drums and kegs. Often these containers require specific labelling and product information relating to the specification.