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Loctite Frekote Release Agents

Frekote mould release agents, backed by over 40 years of research and development, are the global industry standard for performance, quality and value. By pioneering release solutions for many of the world’s largest manufacturing organisations, Henkel understands what it takes to release the most complex materials in the most demanding applications. Henkel has developed Frekote mould release agents for virtually all types of composite and rubber moulding operations. Browse their full range below.

Brochure Spotlight

Frekote mould release solutions brochure

Find the right release agent for your application.

Frekote B-15 Mould Sealer is mostly used for metal and epoxy moulds, while Frekote FMS Mould Sealer tends to find use for polyester moulds. Frekote PMC, on the other hand, is a universal cleaner prior to application of Frekote Release Agents.

This brochure will help you to make the correct choice for advanced composite repair systems, FRP composites, rotational moulding, the rubber industry, sealers, cleaners and more.

All Loctite Frekote Products

The specific product within the Frekote range chosen for a particular application depends on factors such as the type of molding process, the materials being used, and the desired properties of the finished parts. Henkel provides technical support and guidance to help manufacturers select the most suitable Frekote product for their specific requirements. The full list of products can be explored below.

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Main features and advantages of Frekote products

  1. Ease of Release: Frekote products provide excellent release properties, allowing molded parts to be easily removed from molds without sticking or causing damage.

  2. Improved Efficiency: By reducing the need for manual intervention to release parts from molds, Frekote helps improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce production time.

  3. Surface Quality: These mold release agents often leave behind a clean and smooth surface finish on the molded parts, reducing the need for post-processing or refinishing.

  4. Compatibility: The Frekote range is designed to be compatible with various mold materials, including metals, composites, and plastics, offering versatility in manufacturing processes.

  5. Durability: Frekote products are formulated to withstand high temperatures and pressures typically encountered in molding processes, ensuring consistent performance over multiple molding cycles.