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Welcome to Silmid chemical consumables distributors

Search our vast range of products from leading brands such as AeroShell, 3M, PPG, Arrow solutions and more.

International, On-demand Chemical Consumables Distributor

We know how hard it can be to get the right quantity at the right price for your customers. That’s why our service is unique, offering split box 
quantities with no minimum order value. Add that together with our global delivery service and you can see why more people are choosing 
Silmid as their preferred MRO and OEM supplier.
Coronavirus Update - For the latest information on how we are dealing with Coronavirus including border closures Read more information here.

Biobor Announcement

Following recent changes in the availability of aviation approved fuel biocide, we are happy to announce that we have temporary access to Biobor JF Aviation Fuel Additive in a variety of sizes. Click here for more information