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AkzoNobel Cabin Interiors

Cabin interiors are all of the panels, trim and accessories inside the aircraft, including in the cockpit. The look and feel of a cabin can define the passenger experience, creating a sense of comfort and security that is part of any enjoyable flight.

AkzoNobel's premium-quality interior coatings are designed to protect and enhance any aircraft’s internal appearance. Supported by outstanding durability, stain resistance and their team of in-house design experts, keeping a cabin looking fresh and modern has never been simpler.

AkzoNobel acquired Mapaero in 2019, a renowned specialist in structural and cabin coatings, based in France. With particular focus upon sustainable, water-based and ecofriendly products, the acquisition has strengthened AkzoNobel's position as an industry leader in coatings worldwide.

Following the correct process for your individual requirements is important, as there is no single product to properly paint an aircraft.

Product Spotlight

AkzoNobel FR4-45 Base and FR4-45 Hardener

  • FST approved
  • Two component
  • Water-based
  • For general smoothing of the surface

AkzoNobel FR-M1K

  • FST approved
  • Two component
  • Water-based
  • For larger holes and defects

AkzoNobel FR2-55 Topcoat and FR2-55 Hardener

  • FST approved
  • Three component (when thinned with water)
  • Water-based
  • Available in different gloss levels


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