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Within our portfolio of over 7,000 active products, inevitable some of our products don't fit into a specific category - we call these specialities. Within this section you will find additives, anti-icing, composites, flux and solder, detectors and hundreds of other specialist products. 

These include products from leading brands such as Fuelcare, Magnaflux, Warton, Kilfrost, Swagelok and many more. 

With over 40 years of experience within the industry, the team at Silmid have extensive product knowledge and can help you identify the perfect solution for your needs, we have a knowledge centre within our help section full of helpful how to guides and brochures.

Popular Brands

Anti Icing

Anti-Icing products are an essential tool in keeping both airports and aircrafts running in the winter months. They can be used in a range of areas, from windscreens and wings to ground equipment and concrete areas. As well as this, many products have the added quality of being useable in flight, as well as on the ground. 

Our product catalogue contains materials to suit both of these needs, and they come in a range of pack sizes and application methods including spray bottles, aerosols, liquid drums and solid products. These products come from a range of suppliers such as Aeroshell, Kilfrost and Arrow.