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AeroShell Turbine Engine Oils

AeroShell TEOs are designed to cut your operating costs by helping to reduce oil consumption and maintenance costs, and to enhance engine efficiency. Using low-coking, elastomer-friendly oils such as AeroShell Ascender can result in cleaner engines for easier boroscope inspections and problem identification, and lower maintenance costs. Browse the full range of AeroShell turbine engine oils below.

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AeroShell has been supporting aviation’s pioneers for over a century and has been involved in jet-powered flight since helping Sir Frank Whittle to develop the first jet engine. AeroShell continues to provide high-quality fuels, lubricants and associated services to the aviation community.

AeroShell remains committed to working with turbine engine manufacturers and airlines to create innovative high-performance oils for increasingly demanding engines.

Content Spotlight: Selecting Your Turbine Engine Oil

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Turbine engine oils, sometimes referred to as jet oils, turbo oils or abbreviated to TEOs, are speciality lubricants designed to support the operation of turbine engines. First developed during the 1940’s, turbine engines can now be seen on almost all commercial aircraft currently in operation. While aviation is the main market place for these oils, there are other applications, especially in the power industry, where turbine engines are used.

Unlike piston engines, that convert an up and down movement from a piston into motion, turbine engines combine compressed air with the chemical reaction from the fuel within the engine to drive fan blades. This means that turbine engines reach much higher temperatures, and this has driven innovation in mineral TEOs, and subsequently synthetic TEOs.

Content Spotlight: AeroShell for Turbine Engine Aircraft Preservation

AeroShell Grease 33 was the first grease approved to Boeing BMS 3-33 and is widely used by most airframe manufacturers. With its proprietary lithium complex thickener system, AeroShell Grease 33 provides improved wear and corrosion resistance for multiple points across the airframe. It is used for all but nine of the 359 grease application points on a Boeing 737 and over 650 grease points on an Airbus 320.

For grounded or stored aircraft, AeroShell Grease 33 continues to provide excellent copper corrosion and rust resistance, so when the time comes, your aircraft is ready to fly.

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AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil Products

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