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Corrosion Preventatives

Corrosion is one of the single most causes of deterioration to metal and iron. 

The environment around us has a significant impact on surfaces that result in corrosion occurring. In particular, water can increase the cause of corrosion on metal, hence why corrosion preventatives are widely used in the Marine, Aerospace, Rail and various other industries.   Many Corrosion Preventatives are designed to kill existing corrosion and also offer long term storage protection to metal components. Maintenance Manuals for the subject that needs protection often offer product recommendations as a way to help prevent corrosion occurring in specific locations. 

By all means no metal is immune to corrosion, however the use of a good preventative can help manage, slow down or even stop the process of metal corrosion.   Sil-Mid Limited stock a range of Corrosion Preventatives to help reduce metal deterioration and prolong the life of your plane, car, boat and many other metal surfaces. 

Sil-Mid Limited Distribute a range of Corrosion Preventatives from brands such as AeroShell, Ambersil, Ardrox, ACF-50 and more! 

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