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AkzoNobel General Aviation

AkzoNobel has established a reputation for outstanding quality, superb appearance and ensuring peace of mind for owners and operators. From pretreatments to finishing touches, AkzoNobel sets the standard for high performance coatings that exceed the needs of aviation customers globally. 

From their Boeing approved, high solids Eclipse family to their Airbus approved, base coat/clear coat airbus system, AkzoNobel provide superior quality coatings for the entire aircraft exterior, with an unrivalled combination of durability, convenience and appearance. 

Painting Your Light Aircraft

General aviation covers flying clubs, flight training, light aircraft, manufacturing, aircraft maintenance and more. General aviation also includes recreational flying for sport or pleasure. From durable primers offering best-in-class protection to surfacers and fillers for eliminating visual imperfections, and exceptional decorative coatings to help you achieve your own unique livery, they offer the complete solutions. 

Following the correct process for your individual requirements is important, as there is no single product to properly paint an aircraft.

Inspection and Documentation

The aircraft should be inspected and all defects noted. A decision can then be made on the job requirements.

Stripping or Sanding

To prepare the surface for painting, the old coating needs to be removed. Stripping and sanding processes can be used depending on the age of the aircraft and the condition of the existing primer.

Silmid offer a range of paint stripping products from Socomore, and more information on these can be found here.

light aircraft

Priming, Filling and Surfacing

AkzoNobel 10P20-44MNF

AkzoNobel primers offer excellent protection from corrosion and chemicals commonly found in aerospace such as phosphate ester hydraulic fluids. In general aviation applications, we recommend the AkzoNobel 10P20-44MNF.

AkzoNobel Polystop LP

AkzoNobel Polystop LP is a two-part (as supplied), low-VOC polyester stopper that fills dents, surface flaws, and other irregularities on various substrates.

AkzoNobel 10P30-8

AkzoNobel Alumigrip 10P30-8, when used with the supplied curing solution (EC-284), forms an off-white sanding surfacer.

  • High Solids
  • Epoxy Technology
  • Contains Strontium Chromate
  • Used in conjunction with supplied curing solution (EC-291B) and thinner (TR-114)
  • Fast Curing
  • Can be used on metal, plastic and composite surfaces
  • Epoxy Technology
  • Two component (as supplied)
  • Can be thinned with separately sold TR-114 or TR-115

Base Coat/Clear Coat

With the surface smooth and filled, it is now ready for the paint to be applied. Thre are many options approved for use in general aviation, and these are supplied either as a high solids topcoat (such as Alumigrip 4200) or as base coat/clear coat (such as Alumigrip 4400 and Alumigrip 4250).

AkzoNobel Alumigrip 4250 Base Coat and Alumigrip 4450 Clear Coat

  • Used in conjunction with the separately sold curing solution (PC-242) and activator (A4950)
  • Extended durability
  • Chrome free pigmentation
  • Full range of colours including solid (G) and special effect (E)
  • Eliminates appearance variability of fleet
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Lower VOC emissions
  • Retains ‘factory new’ look