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With over 60 years of field experience, NYCO has extensive research into the development of turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, multi-purpose greases and lubricants, NYCO offers a comprehensive range of lubricants for helicopters, business jets and aircraft.   

NYCO are the sole European producer of aviation lubricants and experts in the development of synthetic ester-base stocks. Their comprehensive range of aviation lubricants carry international approvals for Armed forces (Air, Sea, Land), Oil & Gas, Power generation, MROs, OEMs, Airlines & Aircraft manufacturers.



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Featured Product: Nyco Hydraunycoil FH 6 AW

Nyco Hydraunycoil FH 6 AW is a shock strut hydraulic fluid with anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties. Approved under BMS 3-32 Type I, this fluid is suitable for both service and storage, making it an effective way of managing costs of aircraft preservation. In addition to Boeing approval, this fluid is also approved for use on Airbus aircraft.
It contains a specific additive package to improve the fluid lubricity and extreme-pressure properties. 


  • Shock strut fluid for landing gear absorber
  • Helicopter systems
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Landing gear fluid
  • Leak testing
  • Corrosion preventive
  • Test bench
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Missile hydraulic systems


  • BMS 3-32 B Type I
  • ASTM D 4052
  • ASTM D 445
  • ASTM D 93
  • ASTM D 97
  • Boeing CML D50022
  • ASTM D 974
  • Airbus CML - 02CBB1
Nyco Hydraunycoil FH 6 AW