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With over 60 years of field experience, NYCO has extensive research into the development of turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, multi-purpose greases and lubricants, NYCO offers a comprehensive range of lubricants for helicopters, business jets and aircraft.   

NYCO are the sole European producer of aviation lubricants and experts in the development of synthetic ester-base stocks. Their comprehensive range of aviation lubricants carry international approvals for Armed forces (Air, Sea, Land), Oil & Gas, Power generation, MROs, OEMs, Airlines & Aircraft manufacturers.



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Featured Product: Nyco Turbonycoil 600

It is based on polyol esters with high thermal stability, fortified with carefully selected antioxidant, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. Turbonycoil 600 features a much lower volatility at high temperature and high flash point than competitor oils. It has excellent resistance to foaming and a superior lubricity   


Turbonycoil 600 is designed for use in gas turbine engines in military and civil aircraft as well as in stationary industrial applications. Turbonycoil 600 is validated by all major engine manufacturers (General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, Allison, Rolls-Royce, Allied Signal, Snecma, Klimov, Turbomeca, PZL-Rzeszow) for use in 38 different military engines powering a wide range of combat, transport or surveillance airplanes or helicopters.  


  • CFM International - CFM56-2, -3, -5A, -5B, -5C and -7 
  • International Aero Engines - V 2500 series 
  • Turbomeca - Artouste II, Artouste III, Astazou II, Astazou IV M, Astazou XIV, Astazou XVI, Bastan VI, Bastan VII, AST. 600, Arriel, Arrius, Makila, Larzac, Turmo IV, TM 319, TM 333 
  • Allison/Rolls Royce - Allison 250, Allison 501 K AE 3007 
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada - PT6A   
  • Rolls-Royce - All marks of RB 211 and AVON, Olympus, Tyne, Spey for Industrial & Marine application RB 211 for Aircraft application 
  • Hamilton Sundstrand/APIC - All APU models 
  • Honeywell - APU 85, 131-9, 331 models 
  • General Electric - LM ground gas turbines (all models) 
Nyco Turbonycoil 600