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Socomore Official Distributor

Socomore develop expert solutions for the preparation, testing and treatment of surfaces before bonding and assembly operations. Socomore's solutions are designed for use in manufacture, inspection and maintenance operations in the aerospace, automotive, rail, metal and energy industries. 

Socomore offers a wide range of expert solutions for treating, preparing and protecting metal and composite materials for Aircraft OEM and MRO. With no minimum order value, 24/7 on-demand access via our website, fast turnaround and all the necessary aerospace approvals to supply Socomore products into aviation, Sil-Mid is your number one choice for Socomore products. 



Featured Ranges

SkyScraper (310/37) Fluted Ultem Amber Re-Usable 37mm Width (Airbus Profile)

Socomore Sky Range

Socomore Socosat 15233 Diestone SR 17cm x 38cm Wipes (Tub of 250 Wipes)

Socomore Wipes

Socomore Wadis 24 Corrosion Preventative Compound

Socomore Corrosion Preventatives

Socomore Diestone SR Solvent Based Cleaner

Socomore Cleaners

Featured Content

Safer Degreasing and Cleaning

Socomore Socosafe

Featured Product: Socomore Diestone SR

It is a heavy duty, residue free, higher flash point, solvent based cleaner and degreaser for surface cleaning of gross soils, sealant and adhesive residues, fabrication soils and marking inks during Aerospace MRO and OEM parts cleaning operations.  

Effectively removes semi-cured polysulphide sealants, RTV materials, Skydrol marks, stickers, tape and combustion residues. It is also an effective cleaning solvent in preparing and cleaning tooling of composite structures.  


  • 100% volatile solvent – leaves no residue after complete evaporation 
  • Substitute for low flash point solvents such as MEK, IPA & Acetone 
  • Bond breaker to penetrate beneath the adhesive, break the bond and lift from surface 
  • Controlled evaporation rate 
  • Reduces solvent consumption, costs & VOC emissions when moving from fast evaporating solvent cleaners 
  • Suitable for use on metal, solvent resistant organic coatings and composites/composite tooling 
  • High Flash Point: 55-60°C  
  • Low Evaporation Rate: 0.12   
  • Low Vapour Pressure: 10 hPa   
  • Approvals: Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce, SMI, Douglas and Bombardier 

Also available in wipe form: Socomore Socosat 15233 Diestone SR 17cm x 38cm Wipes

Socomore Diestone SR Solvent Based Cleaner