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Socomore Distributor

Socomore provide a wide range of leading cleaners suitable for a range of industries. Specially designed for a range of applications including inter-operational degreasing, critical cleaning operations prior to treatments such as painting, NDT and more. Socomore cleaners can be applied by a variety of methods including immersions, spray, brush and bath.

Socomore Coatings

Socomore provide a range of coatings including paint adhesion promoters and anti-corrosion coatings. Socomore coatings help to solve repainting and stripping issues. Socomore also provide a range of specialty coatings including lightning strike protection and anti-erosion for use on exterior surfaces.

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Socomore Official Distributor

Socomore develop expert solutions for the preparation, testing and treatment of surfaces before bonding and assembly operations. Socomore's solutions are designed for use in manufacture, inspection and maintenance operations in the aerospace, automotive, rail, metal and energy industries. 

Socomore offers a wide range of expert solutions for treating, preparing and protecting metal and composite materials for Aircraft OEM and MRO. With no minimum order value, 24/7 on-demand access via our website, fast turnaround and all the necessary aerospace approvals to supply Socomore products into aviation, Sil-Mid is your number one choice for Socomore products. 

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Safer Degreasing and Cleaning

Socomore Socosafe

Featured Product: Socomore Socosat 15233 Wadis 24/60 Wipes

High flash point aircraft corrosion inhibiting compound. Forms a powerful and protective water repellent and anti-corrosive film that displaces water and humidity.

WADIS 24/60 displaces and eliminates water and humidity making the treated surfaces water-repellent by adding a thin, translucent, soft film with excellent anti-corrosive power. It is particularly intended to remove the rinsing waters from pieces that have been surface treated.

Its use in bath is facilitated by its high flash point. Free from boron, silicone and barium.

  • The translucent, soft, thin, film formed by the product allows control operations on the pieces to take place without removal being necessary. Successive applications of WADIS 24/60 are not additive. A new application leads to dissolution of the old film forming a new film.
  • It is unnecessary to eliminate WADIS 24/60 from pieces before a machining operation. A rapid mixture will be effected between product and cutting oil without any risk.

Also available in liquid form Socomore Wadis 24/60 Corrosion Preventative Compound

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