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AeroShell Fluids

AeroShell is renowned for its hydraulic fluids, offering a wide range of products designed to protect aircraft hydraulic systems. These products include fire-resistant and super-clean fluids for enhanced reliability, extreme-pressure fluids designed to protect landing gear shock struts from wear, and specialist preserving fluids for hydraulic system components in storage. Browse the full range of AeroShell hydraulic fluids below.

Brochure Spotlight

Aeroshell hydraulic fluids brochure with product tins

Particulates in hydraulic fluids can cause system failures through valve sticking, wear and blockages in nozzles and tubes. Particulates are especially challenging for modern hydraulic systems that operate at high pressures and have components with tight tolerances.

AeroShell Fluids 31 and 41 are formulated to protect hydraulic systems against failure by meeting super-clean standards. Their particulate contents are tightly controlled through special manufacturing processes, including multistage filtration, container cleaning just before filling and clean-room packaging conditions.

Content Spotlight: Introduction to Hydraulic Fluids in Aerospace

Close up of aircraft tyres on runway

Hydraulic systems are found in both commercial and military aircraft, converting pressurised fluids to power a variety of components. To reduce maintenance costs, selecting the right hydraulic fluid is essential, and the following introduction provides an insight into what considerations should be taken when choosing the right fluid.

It is vital that any oil selection is based on the OEM approvals and aircraft maintenance manual instructions. We have put together a downloadable full cross reference guide for hydraulic fluid specifications and approvals.

All AeroShell Fluid Products

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