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Eastman Official Distributor

Eastman is a global company that produces specialty chemicals with a broad range of products found in items people use every day. As an official Eastman distributor, we offer the full range of Eastman aviation products including their world-leading range of turbine engine oils.   

With no minimum order value, stock levels against the entire TEO (Turbine Engine Oils) range and 24/7 on-demand access via our website make Sil-Mid your number one choice for Eastman products.  


Eastman Turbo Oils

Eastman has a range of high-quality turbine engine lubricants designed to exceed the demands of current and future aircraft engines. Eastman turbo oils offer billions of hours of proven performance with a range of benefits across the Turbo Oil range including increased performance, better engine health, reliability across a wide temperature range, and even specially formatted oils specifically for helicopters.

Turbo Oil 2197


US military MIL-PRF-23699F HTS
NSN 9150-01-439-0756

Turbo Oil 2380


US military MIL-PRF-23699F STD
UK military DEF STAN 91-101/2

Turbo Oil 2389


US military MIL-PRF-7808L grade 3
NSN 9150-00-782-2627

Turbo Oil 25


US military DOD-L-85734(AS)
UK military DEF STAN 91-100/1
NSN 9150-01-209-2684

Featured Product: Eastman Turbo Oil 2197

Next-generation oil for use at higher temperatures

Improving engine health is a key factor in reducing engine maintenance and the associated costs. Eastman Turbo Oil 2197™ is the world’s leading high-performance turbo oil, offering excellent oxidative stability for the health of your aircraft’s engine.

Using Eastman’s unique Aviation Lubricants Advanced Deposition Simulator to simulate high temperatures and a dynamic environment, ETO 2197 was developed to meet the most demanding turbine engine needs. This trusted oil boasts best-in-class coking resistance for longer bearing life and outstanding thermal stability, providing free-flowing lubrication under the highest temperature demands. 


  • Aeroderivative engine
  • Aviation
  • Engine accessories
  • Engines

Key Attributes

  • 5 cSt High Thermal Stability synthetic lubricant
  • High-temperature cleanliness
  • Outstanding oxidative, thermal, and hydrolytic stability
Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 1USQ Can *MIL-PRF-23699F Type HTS *AS5780 HPC

More from Eastman

Eastman also produce the Skydrol™ aviation hydraulic fluid the most advanced aviation hydraulic fluid supported by recognised experts in phosphate-ester fluid
technology. The Skydrol line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids was
developed to meet the Type V hydraulic fluid requirements developed by
Airbus, Boeing, and hydraulic fluid manufacturers.