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AeroShell Greases

AeroShell is a globally recognised brand, and its portfolio of greases is testament to why. The AeroShell portfolio of aviation oils, greases and fluids is one of the most trusted and extensive in the industry. Its grease range includes advanced multipurpose products and specialist greases with high-load carrying, extreme temperature and corrosion inhibition properties. Together with AeroShell turbine and piston engine oils, and fluids, these products fulfil a wide spectrum of aviation fluid and lubricant needs. Browse the full range of AeroShell greases below.

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AeroShell greases, when chosen correctly, can help to extend component life and reduce maintenance costs by preventing wear and corrosion.

Take wheel bearings for example. During a long flight, aircraft wheel bearings can become extremely cold. They are motionless until the instant the aircraft’s wheels touch the tarmac, when they rapidly accelerate to high speeds, become very hot and are often subjected to rain and runway de-icing fluids. The bearings may then sit in this hot, wet, corrosive environment overnight before a similar experience on the next flight.

Content Spotlight: Greases Explained

aeroshell grease

Unlike piston engine oils (PEOs) and turbine engine oils (TEOs), greases tend to be thicker, taking on a solid or semi-solid form. They are a thickened lubricant oil, with the main benefit being that they remain in place, available for use at the most critical parts of a mechanical operation. Because of this thickener, a grease acts like a sponge, releasing lubricant when necessary and then reabsorbing it once the pressure has been relieved. While greases benefit from having less flow, this does mean that they are ineffective at removing heat and other contaminants from the process.

All AeroShell Grease Products

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