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AeroShell for Turbine Engine Aircraft Preservation 

AeroShell lubricants, oils and greases are designed to keep your aircraft ready to fly, and this includes the maintenance and protection of components while your aircraft is on the ground.

Engine Oils 

During periods of aircraft down time including overhaul and temporary storage, aircraft engines require a number of preservative actions to maintain them ready for use. The processes involved in this vary by aircraft and engine manufacturer, so it is important to consult the relevant technical authority before taking any steps. 

Option 1 

Aircraft operators can perform an engine run-up once a week. 

Option 2 

Application of AeroShell Fluid 12

AeroShell Fluid 12 is a low-volatility synthetic ester oil with various applications across the aircraft including general lubrication and aircraft instruments. It is approved to MIL-PRF-6085E and AIR 3511/A, referenced under NATO O-147, and equivalent to DEF STAN 91-49 and Joint Services Designation OX-14. 

SNECMA (Safran Aircraft Engines) detail the process of draining and refilling the engine with AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil and 5% of AeroShell Fluid 12 as a turbine preservative. This is additionally referenced in the Airbus CML under CP 5067. 

GE Aviation direct users to apply this product as a concentrate into the engine to preserve turbine bearings. As AeroShell Fluid 12 is a synthetic ester, there is no need to flush it out before use with turbine engine oil. 

Option 3 

Incorporation of speciality preservative turbine engine oils. 

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 2 and AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 3 are traditional mineral based turbine engine oils developed in the 1950’s. 

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 2 is a 2 mm2/s oil with a pour-point depressant and an anti-oxidant added. It is approved to MIL-PRF-6081E Grade 1010, and is referenced under NATO O-133 and Joint Service Designation OM-10 (obsolete). 

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 3 is a 3 mm2/s oil with an anti-corrosive additive added. This oil meets DEF STAN 91-99, and is referenced under NATO O-135 and Joint Service Designation OM-11. 

Both of these oils are widely used to inhibit fuel systems and fuel system components during storage. Flushing a drained fuel system with one of these oils leaves a protective film of oil on the walls of the fuel system which acts as a corrosion inhibitor during storage before the engine goes into operation. There is no need to flush these oils out of the system before engine run-up. 

Please note, this process can only happen when the engine has been removed from the aircraft. 


Large aircraft on a runway

Close up of turbine blades


Aeroplane tail end with text 737 and 787

Front end of airbus aircraft taking off with wheel down


It is important to note that greases can also provide extensive preservation qualities across the aircraft. 

AeroShell Grease 33 was the first grease approved to Boeing BMS 3-33 and is widely used by most airframe manufacturers. With its proprietary lithium complex thickener system, AeroShell Grease 33 provides improved wear and corrosion resistance for multiple points across the airframe. It is used for all but nine of the 359 grease application points on a Boeing 737 and over 650 grease points on an Airbus 320. 

For grounded or stored aircraft, AeroShell Grease 33 continues to provide excellent copper corrosion and rust resistance, so when the time comes, your aircraft is ready to fly. 


  • MIL-PRF-23827C Type I Approved; 
  • DEF STAN 91-53 Approved; 
  • DCSEA 354/A Approved; 
  • Boeing BMS 3-33C Approved; 
  • Airbus AIMS 09-06-002 Approved; 
  • SAE AMS 3052 Approved; 
  • NATO G-354; 
  • Joint Services Designation XG-287. 

AeroShell Grease 22 is a versatile, multipurpose grease designed to extend the lives of wheel bearings operating under high loads, speeds and temperature ranges. This grease can help to extend component life and reduce maintenance costs through its excellent load-carrying capacity and resistance to wear, corrosion, oxidation and water washout. 

During storage and aircraft down time, AeroShell Grease 22 continues to keep aircraft wheel bearings, engine accessories, control systems, actuators, screw jacks, servomechanisms, electric motors, instruments, airframe lubrication, hinge pins, static joints and landing gear free from corrosion and ready to fly. 


  • MIL-PRF-81322G Approved; 
  • DOD-G-24508A Approved; 
  • DEF STAN 91-52 Approved; 
  • DCSEA 395/A Approved; 
  • NATO G-395; 
  • Joint Service Designation XG-293.