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Make A Flying Start This Summer

Flying season is on the horizon, and as you prepare to start your engines for a summer in the skies, you can fly further with AeroShell’s comprehensive range of piston engine oils, trusted all around the world to protect engines whilst in the air and on the ground.

small aircraft in flight

Protection even in the heat of summer 

The single grade heritage of AeroShell W100 Plus means outstanding protection especially in the humid summer months, which exposes your engine to higher risk of rust formation. The added anti-corrosion additive provides enhanced protection to your engine to prevent rust.  

AeroShell W100 Plus contains enhanced anti-wear additives to protect your engine especially when your aircraft is clocking more miles during flying season.

The ashless dispersant additives in AeroShell Oil W100 Plus are designed to stop dirt particles from joining to form harmful sludge deposits. These combined with extra anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives offer better protection and therefore prolong the life of your engine.  

small aircraft in the air

Want to find the right piston engine oil for your engine this summer? 

AeroShell’s trusted portfolio of piston engine oils offer aircraft owners, flight schools and pilots' peace of mind through the summer months. 
Whether it’s in flight or while on ground, all AeroShell’s oils and their additives ensure that your engine is fully protected all year round. The range includes AeroShell W100 Plus, along with AeroShell W15W50, AeroShell W120 & AeroShell W100, designed to protect your engine for temperature variations during the summer season. 

With AeroShell’s experience spanning over a century and overcoming various aviation challenges, you can be sure you’re getting the best protection available with their SAE fully approved oils. 

Tips for preparing your aircraft after winter storage

As the covers come off, it is important to ensure all aspects of your aircraft are in perfect condition before your first flight. These simple tips may help in ensuring your first flight is a safe one.

  • Ensure the battery is in good condition and fully charged, ideally using a slow “trickle” charger.
  • Check the fuel for water. The best time to do this is first thing in the morning before the aircraft is moved.
  • Conduct a full walk around of the aircraft, checking the brakes as well as exhausts and inlets for signs of obstruction.
  • Check the engine, turning it over on the starter motor with the fuel, magnetos and mixture lever turned off. This will allow oil around the engine ahead of a brief ground run
  • Drain the preservative oil and change the filters, before refilling with the operating oil of choice
  • Check lubrication points across the airframe, including joints and linkages and replace with new grease where necessary
  • Check the Perspex of the cockpit canopy for scratches or other marks that should then be removed with specialist polishing kits.
  • Ensure full and thorough pre-flight checks are completed. Returning an aircraft to an operational state should always be carried out by trained operatives in conjunction with the aircraft maintenance manual and any other important documentation.
small aircraft on land
If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone regarding your AeroShell Piston Engine Oil requirements, please contact your Account Manager, call +44 (0)1675 432 850, or email info@silmid.com.