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AeroShell Repack

Silmid have been an authorised repacker of AeroShell products since the early 1980’s. Initially set up to pack AeroShell Fluid 3 into trigger sprays, the Silmid repack department has grown over the last 40 years and now has capability to pack fluids, greases and oils into a variety of sizes.
Aeroshell turbine engine oils in tins and drums
Aeroshell tins open with amber liquid inside
Various Aeroshell bottles and tins

Through a fully audited process, our repack team provide a range of services to customers with the ability to repack small volumes of material with a fast turnaround. To ensure the optimum application of many materials, the pack size or pack format can be changed to reduce waste, save time and improve accuracy.

Our repack facility specialises in packing lubricants of all types. For oils and fluids, we primarily provide downfill from bulk pack in either IBCs or drums into a range of container sizes from trigger spray to pails and everything in between. With greases we have the ability to go even smaller, with sizes ranging from small syringes up to pail and keg sizes.


All repacked AeroShell products are supplied with full traceability, including the AeroShell OEM certificate of analysis, the repack documentation as well as the Silmid certificate of conformity.

Repack Grades

Our standard repack grades can be found in our AeroShell product listing, but if you have any specific requirements, please feel free to contact the team on +44(0)1675 432 850 or email info@silmid.com.

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