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AeroShell Fluid 2XN Corrosion Preventative

Silmid P/N: VAR0001546
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AeroShell Fluid 2XN is a corrosion preventative concentrate from which AeroShell Fluid 2F is blended; the blending proportions are one part AeroShell Fluid 2XN to three parts AeroShell Oil 100. This blended oil is the inhibited "flyaway" lubricating oil for the internal protection of piston engines during storage.

Product Properties

Oil Type


Joint Services Designation
ZX-21 (Obsolete)
US Military
MIL-C-6529 Type I

Please Note: Specifications and approvals are subject to change at any time. Users should always consult their AMM or the OEM when selecting products to ensure items have the release needed. Only specifications listed on the order confirmation will be certified on the Silmid CofC.

Product Information


AeroShell Fluid 2XN is primarily used as an ingredient of AeroShell Fluid 2F, but can be used undiluted to provide additional protection for piston engines after run-out on AeroShell Fluid 2F, by spraying exhaust ports, rocker arms, accessories. This blend of AeroShell Fluid 2XN and AeroShell Oil 100 can be used in any certified aviation engine, although we do not recommend its use in 2-stroke or automotive derived engines.

AeroShell Fluid 2F may be used in conjunction with Shell VPI 260 or VPI 280 if protection for extended periods is required.

Instructions For Use:

A period of 15 minutes engine running under idling conditions is required to ensure adequate distribution of the blended oil throughout the engine. It can also be applied to other parts of the engine and its accessories by spraying.

Once the engine has cooled, it is also worth blanking off the intake and exhaust if possible, to reduce the flow of air (and therefore moisture) through the engine. However, remember to placard the cockpit to remind yourself and other pilots that this has been done.

The ashless anticorrosion additive package and highly refined mineral base oils protect the engine by minimising the effects of humidity and neutralising the acidic components of engine oil oxidation and combustion by-products.

After storage and before operating the engine, rotate the crankshaft by hand and drain off the preservative oil. An additional optional precaution is to flush the engine with the correct grade of AeroShell oil before draining and re-filling with fresh oil. Operation of engines containing "flyaway" oils is limited to 50 hours maximum. Note that this is 50 hours during the total TBO cycle, not 50 hours every time you use the oil. This means that if you want to fly then you still can without needing to drain the oil and replace it with your usual AeroShell grade; but remember that this oil is a 100 243 weight oil and so if the temperature is too low for this weight of oil in your engine then the oil should be preheated.

Extensive flying on this oil will not harm the engine, but engine cleanliness may be effected as the preservation oil does not contain an ashless dispersant additive as the AeroShell W series of oils do. Detailed instructions for inhibiting piston engines are given in specifications MIL-E-6058B and MIL-E6059A and in relevant engine manufacturer's publications.

For aircraft gas turbine engines a mixture of one part of AeroShell Fluid 2XN to three parts of AeroShell Turbine Oil 2 is required. Detailed instructions for inhibiting turbines are given in specification MIL-E-5607F.

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