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Silmid is a leading global distributor of coatings for the aerospace, engineering, defence, automotive and rail industry. We have a large product range featuring coatings from leading brands such as AkzoNobel, Bonderite, PPG Aerospace, Ardrox, Indestructible Paint and many more.

We have a fantastic range of coatings to protect surfaces against chemicals and various forms of corrosion on a large variety of materials as well as solvents, base and top coats, removers, primers and a number of other speciality coatings. 

With over 40 years of experience and product knowledge, Silmid is the first choice when it comes to selecting the right coating for your application.

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Understanding PPG Aerospace Coating Terminology

PPG has a long history in the Aerospace coating business and this history comprises the integration of different companies and brands. All these companies had their own brands and part numbering systems that were retained for customer continuity. It is why today, PPG’s coatings portfolio is a heritage of these brands and part numbering systems.

PPG Coatings

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