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Nielsen Products

Nielsen Chemicals

With a history spanning over five decades in commercial and industrial chemical manufacturing, Nielsen chemicals has harnessed its extensive expertise to create a revolutionary line of sanitising solutions. This endeavour represents a significant step forward in ensuring the cleanliness, safety, and well-being of their valued customers and the environments in which they operate.

Drawing upon their vast knowledge and experience, Nielsen have meticulously crafted various virucidal and biocidal products. These cutting-edge solutions are engineered to swiftly and effectively cleanse, sanitise, and safeguard. Nielsen is commitment to excellence and this is reflected in every facet of this product range, designed to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Nielsen's sanitising solutions encompass a broad spectrum of products. They have tailored personal care products for hand sanitisation, catering to the needs of individuals and ensuring their hands remain germ-free. Additionally, their product lineup includes formulations specially designed for the rigorous demands of an array of environments.

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Featured Content – Automotive Sanitising

Nielsen Chemicals Automotive Sanitising Range offers a wide variety of high-quality sanitisation solutions, including disinfectants, interior cleaners, and air purification systems. Each product is specially formulated to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and odours, ensuring a safe and pleasant driving experience. Whether you're a car owner or a professional in the automotive industry, Nielsen Chemicals Automotive Sanitising Range is the perfect choice for maintaining a clean and sanitised automotive environment.

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Best Selling Nielsen Products

Nielsen Chemicals Distribution Partner

Established in 1969 Nielsen are a manufacturer of specialist cleaning products for the Automotive Industry, with a complete range of cleaning, valeting and maintenance products. Whether you sell, valet or maintain vehicles you'll find everything you need to preserve that showroom appearance.  

Nielsen strives to offer the most effective products, testing hundreds of raw materials and blends, creating easy to use products that work, time and time again. Continuous research and development ensures that Nielsen stays ahead by utilising the latest technology to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry. 

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Featured Content – Automotive Sanitising

Featured Product - Nielsen Terminex RTU

Nielsen L352 Terminex RTU is a combined cleaner, viricide and broad spectrum bactericide making it essential for good infection control cleaning routines. It is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria. Terminex can also be used on potential sources of infection prior to deep cleaning.   


  • For cleaning blood spillages, vomit and general soiling 
  • Non perfumed 
  • Effective against MRSA  
  • Non bleaching and non caustic formula, ideal for use on soft metals 


  • Brand - Nielsen 
  • L352 Terminex RTU 
  • 5lt Bottle 
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN1276 and EN14476