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Featured Product - Nielsen Terminex RTU

Nielsen L352 Terminex RTU is a combined cleaner, viricide and broad spectrum bactericide making it essential for good infection control cleaning routines. It is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria. Terminex can also be used on potential sources of infection prior to deep cleaning.   


  • For cleaning blood spillages, vomit and general soiling 
  • Non perfumed 
  • Effective against MRSA  
  • Non bleaching and non caustic formula, ideal for use on soft metals 


  • Brand - Nielsen 
  • L352 Terminex RTU 
  • 5lt Bottle 
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN1276 and EN14476 


Terminex Nielsen bottle

With over 50 years of commercial and industrial expertise in chemical manufacturing poured into the new Arrow sanitising solutions, Arrow have blended a new range of virucidal and biocidal products to rapidly and effectively clean, sanitise and protect both our customers and the places in which they work.

The range contains both personal care products for hand sanitisation and products designed for hard surface in various pack sizes to suit all applications.

Products Include:

Download the Nielsen Pro Sanitising brochure. 

Cleaning cloth on a surface