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Armite Lubricants

Armite manufactures the highest quality commercial, industrial, and military-grade lubricants, as well as anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors and rust penetrants alongside other specialty chemical compounds.

Reaching great success in its early years, Armite established an impressive product line with a continuous focus on high-quality ingredients that meet and exceed the many applications of commercial grade, industrial grade, and military grade lubricants, as well as anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors, sealants, and rust penetrants alongside other specialty compounds.

Armite Lubricants provides the military, aerospace, aviation, transportation, energy, machinery, manufacturing, and distribution industries with a full line of top-quality industrial lubricants, anti-seizes and other specialty compounds.

  • AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 certified
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Featured Product - Armite 12|34 Miracle Formula

Multi-Purpose Professional Grade Aerosol Lubricant and Penetrant | MIL-PRF-81309

12|34 Miracle Formula® is the most effective all-in-one formulation on the market today. Its lubrication, moisture displacement, penetration, and corrosion prevention abilities is unsurpassed by any single product of its kind.

Lubrication: This product contains highly refined lubricants that provide superior protection and anti-wear properties.

Moisture Removal: Moisture is lifted and displaced, rather than trapped. Surface pores and crevices are freed from moisture and coated with a thin, non-greasy film that prevents additional moisture from clinging or re-entering.

Penetration: Rusted and frozen metal parts are easily loosened by superior “creepability”.

Rust & Corrosion Prevention: 12/34’s thin film adheres to metallic surfaces, providing protection against the formation of rust and corrosion, including electrolysis and galvanic corrosion common in high salinity environments.

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