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Mobil: Improving the performance of your entire fleet

Mobil is a global company that supplies a range of sectors such as mining, marine and aerospace. The lubricants are manufactured for applications including hydraulics, turbines and bearings.

Mobil's unique, nose-to-tail product offering provides high-quality fuels, jet oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other aviation lubricants to help your aircraft run smoothly and efficiently.



Featured Mobil Products

Featured Product: Mobil HyJet V Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

HyJet V provides excellent high and low temperature flow properties (kinematic viscosities) and rust protection. HyJet V has also demonstrated an improvement over the erosion protection performance afforded by Type IV fluids. Exxon HyJet V is designed for use in commercial aircraft phosphate ester hydraulic systems.

It is compatible in all proportions with commercial Type IV and Type V phosphate ester aviation hydraulic fluids. Its better stability means less fluid deterioration in aviation systems compared to Type IV fluids, longer in-service fluid life, and reduced aircraft operator maintenance costs.


  • SAE AS1241 
  • Airbus/ATR NSA307110 
  • Boeing BMS 3-11 
  • Boeing-Long Beach DMS 2014 
  • Bombardier Canadair BAMS 564-003 

Mobil Hyjet V Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid