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A prominent brand within the esteemed CRC Industries global group, Ambersil holds a prestigious position in the international chemical industry. Rigorous quality testing is a hallmark of every Ambersil product throughout its stages of production, providing customers with unwavering confidence in achieving world-leading accuracy.

Silmid offers complete access to the extensive Ambersil range, encompassing MRO cleaners, lubricants, degreasers, and foam cleaners. Enjoy the convenience of no minimum order quantity and round-the-clock accessibility through our website, making Silmid the best choice for your Ambersil product needs.

Ambersil cans and tubs of products

Also Available From CRC

CRC Smartwash

CRC SmartWasher

The CRC SmartWasher is a bioremediating parts washing system designed to safely clean dirty equipment parts during repair and maintenance operations. 

The system combines 3 essential components – the SmartWasher parts washer, the OzzyJuice cleaning fluid, and the OzzyMat filter that contains a proprietary blend of microbes. 

The SmartWasher system harnesses the power of nature to deliver exceptional cleaning performance while also eliminating the need to handle or dispose of hazardous waste, making it a safer choice over manual solvent or aqueous-based parts washers.

Kontakt Chemie

Kontakt Chemie has been the leading manufacturer of technical sprays for the electronics industry for over 60 years. During that time, it has evolved beyond electronics to develop a range of high-quality products for all types of electrical and electronic goods.

Now part of CRC Industries, Kontakt Chemie products benefit from increased in-house research and development resources, as well as increased manufacturing capacity. This ensures Kontakt Chemie products continue to meet the high standards of quality and performance demanded by technicians all over the world. For more information, download the Kontakt Chemie brochure.

Product bottles

Featured Range

Amberclens is a popular Ambersil cleaning product, available in a choice of two different types.

The first is a food grade, NFG-approved aerosol product. The other is a more versatile, anti-static foam cleanser. Further information about the products may be accessed on our website.