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Amberclens is a flagship product from Ambersil, constructed to increase the quality of  your maintenance routine.  Whether you're tackling aerospace surfaces and electronics, or intricate machinery, Amberclens stands as a trusted partner in the relentless pursuit of spotless perfection.

Amberclens Products

There are two variations within the Ambersil Amberclens series.

Amberclens FG is formulated predominately for use in the food processing and packing industry. It is NSF-compliant and food processing safe. Amberclens Anti-Static Foam Cleaner is also available and can be used on a variety of surfaces, compliant with aerospace spec AMS1550B. It is designed for use on aircraft interiors.

Amberclens anti-static foaming cleaner spray canister

Amberclens Anti-Static Foam Cleaner

Available as a 400ml aerosol or a 750ml trigger spray
Conforms to AMS1550b

Amberclens FG food safe aerosol can packaging

Amberclens FG Heavy Duty Foam Cleaner

Available in size 500ml aerosol
NSF Registered, category A1, no 137995

Amberclens Comparison

Amberclens Comparison

Amberclens AntistaticAmberclens FG
pHpH 10pH 12
OdourPerfumed, anti-septicFresh
UsageAntistatic applicationsFood grade applications
Surface CompatibilitySuitable for electronicsSafe for food contact surfaces
SolubilitySoluble in water and alcohols, insoluble in hydrocarbon solventsComplete
Manufcturer Part Numbers
31592 | 3159330241
Post-Process Residue RatingAverage
Very Low
Shelf Life
Under the correct storage conditions, at least 72 monthsUnder the correct storage conditions, at least 6 years

Ambersil Amberclens is a versatile cleaner commonly used for a variety of cleaning applications, particularly in industrial, electronic maintenance and food safety. Here are some key details about Amberclens:

Foam Formula: The foam formulation helps to lift and remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants effectively. It clings to surfaces, providing a thorough cleaning action.

Non-Conductive: The cleaner is non-conductive, making it safe for use on electrical and electronic equipment without the risk of short circuits or damage.

Antistatic Properties: Amberclens has antistatic properties, helping to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can attract dust and other particles.