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ALGLAS was founded by Alan O'Nions in 1986, who trained as a private pilot with BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation). With a background in architectural glass and aluminium, Alan identified a need for safe and effective cleaners for glass, acrylic and other aircraft substrates.

Alglas AGC/22 Aircraft Glass Cleaner was the first product to launch which was submitted to BAe Military Aircraft Division for approval. Subsequently AGC/22 has received approvals from Boeing, Airbus, The Thales Group, Panasonic and many other OEMs. 

As Alglas grew as a company more products were added to the range, including the industry-first twin wet-and-dry anti-static instrument wipe, the ALG/CR215. The ALG/RCBA anti-bacterial sanitiser allowed the cleaning of all airborne electronics and avionics and the Visial VDU anti-static mist spray reduced static build-up across system displays, radars and touch screens.

Large aircraft in hangar

Featured Product: ALG/CR215 Visial Antistatic Wipe

Visial, ALG/CR215 offers exceptional antistatic cleaning on all integrated and stand-alone instrumentation, including flight deck avionics, head-up displays, night vision goggles, radar and electronic touch panels.

With frequent use, sweat and grime builds up, resulting in poor picture quality and reduced performance. Visial ensures a smear-free finish on a wide range of glass, acrylic and polycarbonate materials, whether active-matrix liquid-crystal panels or analogue instruments.

Visial, ALG/CR215 is effective across a wide range of glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces and removes sweat and grime build-up to restore picture quality and performance. Laboratory tests show one application of Visial ALG/CR215 reduces static by up to 90%.

  • Contains 1 sachet 
  • Reduces static by up to 90% 
  • NSN 7920-99-770-7590

ALGLAS products serve different uses across the Aviation Industry

ALG/RCBA sanitiser package

Alglas Antibacterial Sanitiser Wipe (ALG/RCBA) Sachet

This product has been specifically developed to safely and effectively clean all surfaces in the cockpit, cabin and galley.

  • Removes sweat, grime and bacteria
  • 99.9% kill rate
  • Can clean galley of the aircraft
  • NSN: 7920-99-191-1342

Visial dispaly unit cleaner bottle

Alglas Visial Visual Display Unit Cleaner

Offers outstanding cleaning and antistatic properties. Can be used across all standard and toughened glass, acrylic and more. 

  • 150ml Bottle
  • Removes sweat and grind build up
  • Excellent anti-static properties
  • NSN: 7930-99-811-9359

AGC/22 bottle

Alglas AGC/22 Aircraft Cleaner

A highly versatile and effective product which removes all marks and stains from both cockpit and windscreens and passenger window cabins. 

  • 1lt Bottle
  • Powerful, non hazardous formulation
  • Removes all marks and stains
  • NSN 7930-99-811-9359

Featured Alglas Products

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