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Molyslip - Superior Lubricants for Superior Performance


Molyslip leads the way in advanced lubrication technology, delivering superior performance time and time again. The range is tried and tested across all industries. Molyslip has been supplying high-performance, innovative problem-solving lubricants to many industry sectors for over 80 years. 

The Molyslip product range includes specialist anti-seize and assembly compounds, greases and plus oils. The products offer superior anti-wear and extreme pressure properties. Molyslip products reduce operating costs and longer maintenance intervals with constantly improved component quality. 

Product ranges include:

  • Metal working lubricants
  • Greases
  • Anti-seize lubricants

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Molyslip Copaslip

Molyslip Copaslip is a high performance compound specifically formulated to protect fasteners from seizure induced by extremes of temperature, pressure and corrosion. The semi-synthetic base fluid is reinforced with anti-oxidants, corrosion inhibitors and ultra pure copper particles to provide outstanding protection to threads and components. 

Copaslip minimises variations in frictional interference between threads, allowing accurate and consistent assembley. It also prevents galling and seizure during assmbly and dismantling - even after long periods of exposure to high temperatures, corrosive enviroments or high pressure

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures consistent friction between threads
  • Protects against galling and seizure 
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Eases assembly of tight-tolerance components 
  • Withstands extreme temperature

Molyslip Tap

Molyslip TAP is a range of high performance lubricants designed for severe metal working operations such as drilling, reaming and tapping. They are highly concentrated mixtures of lubricity and reactive extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. 

Molyslip TAP products provide excellent surface finish to components and protect tooling from wear and damage. They are suitable for most drilling, reaming and tapping (spiral point, spiral flute and fluteless) operations on most metals. Molyslip TAP liquid can also be used to fortify flood-applied, neat-cutting oils, typical addition rates are 5-10%.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • Maximises tool life in arduous operations
  • Available in liquid, paste and aerosol form