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Nielsen Automotive Cleaning

Established in 1969 Nielsen are a manufacturer of specialist cleaning products for the Automotive Industry, with a complete range of cleaning, valeting and maintenance products. Whether you sell, valet or maintain vehicles you'll find everything you need to preserve that showroom appearance. 

Nielsen strives to offer the most effective products, testing hundreds of raw materials and blends, creating easy to use products that work, time and time again. Continuous research and development ensures that Nielsen stays ahead by utilising the latest technology to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry. 

Products include:

  • Interior dressings and fresheners
  • Exterior wash and dressings,
  • Accessories to apply

Click here to view the full Nielsen range. 

Nielsen Exterior

Nielsen's exterior products include gloss shampoo, window cleaner, exhibition polish and exterior and tyre dressing. These products provide long-lasting protection and a high gloss finish. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.

Nielsen Interior

Nielsen's Interior range include air fresheners, waxes, polishes, fabric maintainers and dressings. These products provide a long lasting protection and can be used on a variety of vehicle interiors. 

Nielsen Accessories

The Nielsen accessory range includes perfection pads, sponges, cloths and brushes. Helping to provide extremely effective cleaning results. Great for use on a large range of auto-motive vehicles.