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About Shell Aviation

Shell Aviation is the division of Shell that delivers fuels and lubricants for applications in aerospace and aviation.  Every year at around 900 airports in about 36 countries, Shell Aviation provides fuel for almost 2 million aircraft, refuelling one every 14 seconds. From the private pilot to the largest global airlines, Shell Aviation earns the loyalty of its customers by creating value through the safe and timely supply of high quality aviation fuels and a comprehensive range of high performance aviation lubricants and fluids.

An industry leader with a truly global reach

AeroShell Aviation lubricants have been trusted for generations. This trust is founded on the reliability and proven performance of high quality products and an appreciation of a deep industry understanding. Whether you need dedicated helicopter grease, innovative aircraft oil for the latest hot-running gas-turbine engines, breaking-in oil for your overhauled piston engine or products designed for your ultralight sports aircraft, there is an AeroShell product for you.

Sil-Mid Limited has been a supply partner of Shell Aviation for over 30 years. As an authorised AeroShell Distributor we have a dedicated team to help source the right AeroShell products for our customers.

Repack Services

Sil-Mid Limited are Authorised AeroShell Repackers.  This is enables us to offer custom pack sizes to meet specific customer demands.  All products are handled and stored in accordance with Shell Aviation's quality control requirements.

Please call us today on +44 (0)1675 432850 to discuss your Repack requirements

Aeroshell products at a glance

A piston engine oil’s function inside a piston engine is to reduce friction between moving parts, provide necessary cooling to internal areas and cushion moving parts against shock and help seal piston rings to cylinder walls. PEO's are also designed to protect highly finished internal parts of the engine from rust and corrosion and keep interior of engine clean and free of dirt, sludge, varnish and other harmful contaminants.


Piston Engine Oils

AeroShell turbine engine oils are know for their outstanding quality and product performance.  AeroShell Ascender set a new performance benchmark for the latest generation turbine engines, delivering the balance between low coking and elastomer compatibility.  AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 has offered proven performance for over 25 years.


Turbine Engine Oils

Aircraft greases must be versatile to prevent wear and inhibit corrosion under tough conditions. AeroShell greases are specifically formulated to excel in wide-ranging applications: protecting exposed wheel bearings; lubricating highly loaded gears; in plain, ball and roller bearings; and on sliding surfaces and actuator screws.



Shell offers a wide range of hydraulic fluids designed to protect aircraft hydraulic systems.  These products include fire-resistance and super-clean fluids for enhanced reliability, extreme-pressure fluids designed to protect landing gear struts from wear, and specialist preserving fluids for hydraulic system components in storage.  AeroShell speciality fluid offerings include high-quality preservative, calibration, de-icing and avionic cooling fluids as well as lubricating and gearbox oils.


Hydraulic Fluids