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AeroShell official distributors.

Silmid have been a partner of Shell Aviation for almost 40 years. We are now recognised as their leading European distributor.
This allows us to provide the full portfolio of the AeroShell branded products to customers.

AeroShell Piston Engine Oils

Piston Engine Oils Cold Flow

Piston Engine Oil Customer Testimonials

Product Spotlight

Features of W 15W-50 Synthetic Hydrocarbon & Mineral Oil

  • High performance in a wide variety of applications and conditions
  • The synthetic base stock performance provides for better cold temperature pumping and protection than single grade oils
  • The blend of synthetic and high quality mineral base stocks provide high temperature performance superior to that of other fully approved aircraft piston engine oils
  • The mineral base stocks help disperse lead by-products of combustion, thereby keeping engines free of "grey paint" or lead sludge that can be a problem with some fully synthetic oils

Specifications and Approvals for W 15W-50 Synthetic Hydrocarbon & Mineral Oil

  • Avco Lycoming 301F (Service Bulletin 1014J and revisions, 446C & 471)
  • Teledyne Continental MHS-24B (Service Bulletin M81-11 and revisions)
  • Pratt & Whitney All radial engines (Service Bulletin 1183 revision R)
  • FAA Airworthiness Directive 80-04-03

AeroShell W 15W-50 Mineral Oil 1USQ Bottle *SAE J-1899 Multigrade

AeroShell W 15W-50 Mineral Oil 55USG Pail *SAE J-1899 Multigrade

The range

Turbine Engine Oils

Turbine engine oils (TEO) are designed to give you high load-carrying capacities for extended bearing life under conditions of marginal lubrication, which can help to reduce maintenance costs.

Turbine engine oils are known for their outstanding quality and product performance. Ascender set a new performance benchmark for the latest generation turbine engines, delivering the balance between low coking and elastomer compatibility. 

Turbine Oil 560 has offered proven performance for more than 25 years.

Piston Engine Oils

Engine and oil technologies are constantly being reinvented. For example, the recently developed diesel (compression-ignition) aircraft engines are becoming popular for good reasons. They can be up to 30% more fuel efficient than spark-ignition engines and run on widely available, relatively low cost jet fuel.

A piston engine oil’s function inside a piston engine is to reduce friction between moving parts, provide necessary cooling to internal areas and cushion moving parts against shock and help seal piston rings to cylinder walls. PEO's are also designed to protect highly finished internal parts of the engine from rust and corrosion and keep interior of engine clean and free of dirt, sludge and other harmful contaminants.

Hydraulic & specialist fluids

Particulates in hydraulic fluids can cause system failures through valve sticking, wear and blockages in nozzles and tubes. Particulates are especially challenging for modern hydraulic systems that operate at high pressures and have components with tight tolerances.

Shell offers a wide range of hydraulic fluids designed to protect aircraft hydraulic systems. These products include fire-resistance and super-clean fluids for enhanced reliability, extreme-pressure fluids designed to protect landing gear struts from wear, and specialist preserving fluids for hydraulic system components in storage. Speciality fluid offerings include high-quality preservative, calibration, de-icing and avionic cooling fluids as well as lubricating and gearbox oils


Do you spend too much time and money on maintenance or manage a large grease inventory? Are you concerned about the risks of product misapplication?

The grease portfolio contains products designed to help reduce costs and improve safety by simplifying maintenance. These multipurpose greases satisfy a wide range of performance specifications, which means you need fewer grease types. The

result is simpler maintenance procedures, smaller inventories and reduced risk of product misapplication

Introducing Grease 58

AeroShell Grease 58

Grease 58 is an advanced general purpose and wheel bearing grease composed of a synthetic base fluid and a lithium complex soap thickener.

Features of Grease 58

  • High load carrying
  • Corrosion protection
  • Mechanical stability
  • Oxidation resistance and wear resistance
  • Temperature range is -540°C to 1750°C


It is recommended for use wherever severe operating conditions are encountered as in high bearing loads, high speeds, wide operating temperature range, and particularly where long grease retention and high resistance to water washout and corrosive fluids are required.

Grease 58 is the latest member of the Lithium Complex Grease portfolio which includes Greases 33 and 64.


  • Aircraft wheel bearings
  • Engine accessories
  • Control systems
  • Actuators
  • Screw-jacks
  • Servo mechanisms and electric motors
  • Helicopter rotor bearings
  • Instruments
  • Airframe lubrication
  • Hinge pins
  • Static joints
  • Landing gears

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

  • SAE AEROSPACE – Meets AMS3058
  • AIRBUS – Meets AIMS 09-06-003