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Jenolite Rust Remover

Now that spring should be fully upon us, it’s the time of year we start thinking about restoring machinery and seasonal maintenance. We offer a range of seasonal products including Jenolite’s Rust Remover and Converter, which can help with the maintenance of products, but equally be used to increase the longevity of equipment.

Jenolite Rust Remover

Jenolite’s Rust Remover offers a fast, effective way to remove rust from a variety of products including gardening equipment, caravan sub frames and tubular components in industry.  It aides essential equipment maintenance and leaves the surface ready to prime and paint, without the need for rinsing off.

Preparation is always the key to successful application. Firstly remove any grease, dust or loose paint, then follow these 3 steps:

  1. Apply Jenolite Rust Remover directly to the rust.
  2. Wait 15 minutes, then apply a second application and immediately wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  3. The surface will be ready to prime in 30 minutes.
Jenolite rust remover promo video

Jenolite Rust Converter

If you are short on time, we also sell Jenolite’s Rust Converter, which not only removes rust but converts the area into a stable, polymer coated surface ready to paint.  Jenolite Rust Converter provides proven resistance to chemical, bacterial and salt spray attack, as well as a barrier to water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is ideal for humid conditions.

How to use

  1. Apply Jenolite Rust Converter by brush directly to the rusted area.
  2. Allow to dry. This takes about 15 minutes – you′ll see the treated areas change to blue/black as the Jenolite converts the rust into a corrosive resistant polymer coating that acts as a primer.
  3. Paint after 3 – 24 hours with a traditional paint of your choice.
Jenolite rust converter video promo
*Specific instructions for use will vary whether you are applying the jelly, liquid or converter. For more detailed information download our ‘Technical Data Sheet’ and ‘Safety Data Sheet’. And see our video demonstrations.