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AeroShell & Silmid Celebrate 40 Years in Partnership

2022 marks an incredibly special anniversary for Silmid; it's our 40th year partnering with AeroShell. Our partnership began in 1982 when we had the opportunity to start repacking AeroShell Fluid 3, which is one of many products we still repack today. Fast forward to 2022 and we offer the full AeroShell product portfolio, supplying customers in over 120 countries via our best-in-class Ecommerce platform. 

Over four decades the world has changed a lot but with AeroShell’s diverse product portfolio and our commitment to first class service our partnership has not only endured but thrived. 

Throughout 2022 Silmid and AeroShell will mark the anniversary with awards to longstanding customers, giveaways and more. 

Stay tuned for more over the coming months... 

Staff from Silmid and Aeroshell


1982 - Silmid start to repack AeroShell Fluid 3 which kicks off a partnership that has lasted for forty years. Silmid is still repacking Fluid 3 to this day. (AeroShell & Silmid) 

1983 - Silmid On the move! After 3 years of growth, the business moved to a larger facility in Bordesley Green Birmingham. (Silmid) 

1984 - AeroShell launch ASTO 560, a third-generation oil designed to meet the increasingly severe demands of modern turbine engines. (AeroShell) 
1990s – AeroShell Oil W100 Plus single-grade oil is introduced. It combines the performance of the ashless dispersant AeroShell W oils range with additional anti-corrosion properties and anti-wear additives, containing the equivalent of approved Lycoming additive LW 16702. (AeroShell) 

1995 - AeroShell Grease 33 is launched as the first grease to meet the new Boeing BMS 3-33 specification, and for many years it remained the only grease approved to it. AeroShell Grease 33 lubricates all but 9 of the 359 grease application points on a Boeing 737! (AeroShell) 
1998 - The very first Sil-Mid website is launched. (Silmid) 

2000s - Shell develops AeroShell Sport Plus 4 with ROTAX as the first oil specifically for light sport, very light and ultralight four-stroke engine aircraft. (AeroShell) 

2001 - Silmid Expand and move to a new 16000 sq ft premises in Coleshill Warwickshire. (Silmid) 

2007 - AeroShell launch AeroShell Ascender as the world’s first new turbine engine oil (TEO) approved to the SAE 5780A HPA specification. (AeroShell) 

2012 - Further expansion at Silmid sees an extension to the Coleshill premises doubling its capacity and enabling larger stock holding and increased output. (Silmid) 

2015 - AeroShell Grease 58, a new wheel bearing grease that exceeds the SAE AMS 3058 specification, is developed and flight-tested with major manufacturers of aircraft wheel-bearings. (AeroShell) 

2016 – SIlmid launch a new E-commerce platform offering batch information, real time stock information, Vendor Managed Inventory solutions and customer specific pricing. (Silmid) 

2021 – Silmid is acquired by GracoRoberts, creating the largest aerospace-focused and specification-driven specialty chemicals distributor in the world. (Silmid)