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Arrow Solutions & Silmid Limited  

Silmid provides a distribution service that has proved to be a successful partnership. The close working relationship
ensures that customers get the best possible stock availability and customer service.

The Product Range

Established over 40 years ago, Arrow is a specialist manufacturer of products designed specically for use in the aerospace industry. Our product range encompasses all aspects from maintenance, repair and overhaul, to degreasers, lubricants and cleaning products.

With a comprehensive range of original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) approvals, including Defence Standards and Aircraft Materials Specications (A.M.S.), Arrow is accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BH OHSAS 18001.

  • Select and formulate ingredients to ensure safety, and optimise the sustainability of the finished product during its life-cycle.
  • Comply with The Detergents Regulations to ensure that products are safe for people and the environment.


  • Review the human and environmental safety aspects of ingredients and select materials to find the optimum balance between effectiveness, safety and environmental impact.
  • Water based products offer an alternative to solvent based, and provide concentrated professional products to reduce our environmental impact.

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The Lotoxane Range

Lotoxane provides a safer alternative to the hazardous solvents used for general degreasing throughout industry. Highly refined and nonaromatic Lotoxane is used to remove grease, oil, carbon deposits, protective coatings, hydraulic oils and cutting oils from bare or painted metals, plastics and composites.
Odourless and non corrosive in use, Lotoxane® evaporates to leave minimal residue and has therefore been approved to clean effectively without detriment to subsequent coatings. Its very low volatility ensures minimal product loss through evaporation

and enables end-users to achieve real cost-in-use savings whilst complying with the latest VOC emission controls. It is used exclusively by many leading oil and gas producers, engineering and general manufacturing organisations as well as military authorities throughout the world

The arrow range


Lotoxane is a unique highly refined, non flammable, residue free, non aromatic solvent degreaser. 

Approvals: Airbus Industrie, British Aerospace Airbus, Boeing Aircraft Co: D6- 17487 Revision W, GEC - Marconi Aerospace Farnham UK, Honeywell Aircraft Landing System, Rolls-Royce plc, Electronic Systems Group (Trident), South African Airways (Hydro-aire Inc)(Lucas Aerospace)(Messier Services), Jetstream Aircraft Ltd, Astec Helicopter Services.

Lotoxane Fast Wipes

Lotoxane Fast Wipes are lint free wipes impregnated with a highly refined solvent blend, offering a combination of low odour excellent degreasing power and minimal residue on drying. 

Approvals: Pratt & Whitney SPMC 216-1 (SPOP 208 Solvent Wiping) MoD NATO Stock No: 7930-99-598-5789 (tub), Institute of Naval Medicine - Listed in BR1326, Coal Industry Assessment No: 7554.

Supersolve AS

Supersolve AS aerosol is an exceptionally clean fast evaporating low odour solvent degreaser, which dries rapidly to a residue free finish. 

Approvals: NAVAIR Materials Lab - USA MIL-PRF-29608 AS, MIL PRF 85570 Class D, Emirates Airlines, NSF K2 - 142814, Coal Industry Assessment No: 8032, Underground UKC295G Aramco Saudi Arabia SCECO Saudi Arabia

Aircraft Cleaner 281

Aircraft Cleaner 281 is a non caustic alkaline cleaner formulated for the removal of all soiling from aircraft exterior surfaces. 

Approvals: (Scientic Material International Inc) AMS 1526A Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces, (Scientic Material International Inc) Boeing-D6-17487 REV H, Boeing D6-17487 REV, Douglas CSD#1, Airbus (AMS 1526A), Astec Helicopter Services.

Lotoxane Fast

Lotoxane Fast is a highly refined solvent blend offering a combination of low odour excellent degreasing power and minimal residue on drying. 

Approvals: Nuclear Electric Rolls-Royce Dubai Dry Dock Company MoD NATO Stock No: 6850-99-215-6088 Coal Industry Assessment No: 7423 Scientifics Approved GE Aircraft Services Pratt & Whitney International Aero Engines

Workshop Wipes

Workshop Wipes have been developed as a general purpose degreasing wipe, impregnated with a blend of solvents designed to provide a quick and effective removal of resins, adhesive and inks combined with rapid drying and minimal residue. 

Approvals: Rolls-Royce plc: CSS255 & CSS226

Rapide leaving your surface completely residue free

  • Very low odour for better working atmosphere and  no drowsiness or dizziness is experienced by users
  • Excellent cost in use, with less wastage of product through evaporation before and during application
  • Residue free finish leaves piece ready for next process with no need for a secondary clean
  • Removes inks and dyes without smearing
  • Equally effective as a degreaser for removing oil, cutting fluid, grease and other general soiling
  • Safe for use on polyurethane and epoxy painted surfaces

Rapide provides a quick and efficient solution to the challenge of removing ink markings or engineering dyes from metal or composite components.

It has widespread applications during manufacturing and maintenance processes within Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Energy, Marine and other advanced engineering sectors. Unlike alternative products, the use of Rapide leaves behind a genuinely residue free surface ready for coating, bonding, machining or heat treatment.


  • ARP1755B
  • ASTM F 945-12
  • Rolls Royce CSS200
  • Rolls Royce CSS226
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type A (Metals)
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type D (NDT)
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type E (Wipes for Composites/Paint)
  • Rolls Royce MLC104Rolls Royce O/MAT