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Silmid is a leading global distributor of sealants for the aerospace, engineering, defence, automotive and rail industry. We stock a wide range of sealants from leading brands such as PPG, 3M Aerospace, Naftoseal, Loctite and CHT Silicones.

Sealants are thin coatings of material applied to protect and seal, Silmid stock a vast range of sealants for a wide variety of applications including fuselages, firewalls, fuel tanks, gaskets and windshields as well as non aerospace applications.

With over 40 years of experience and product knowledge, Silmid is the first choice when it comes to selecting the right sealant.

Featured Content - Introduction to Aircraft Sealant

When you strip away the outer layer of an aircraft, one thing you will be sure to find is sealant. During the manufacture and assembly of an aircraft, various sealants are used to protect key areas and components from corrosion, as well as exposure to high temperatures and chemicals such as hydraulic fluids and jet oils. 

How do I select the right aircraft sealant? 

Aircraft sealants have different properties depending on the area of application they are designed for. 

Read the full Introduction to Aircraft Sealant guide

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