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Silmid is a leading global distributor of lubricants for the aerospace, engineering, defence, automotive and rail industry. We stock a wide range of lubricants from leading brands such as AeroShell, Nyco, Rocol, Eastman and Bonderite.

Lubricants have a variety of roles in the industrial marketplace. They are used to reduce friction between moving parts, protect components against erosion and corrosion, and transfer heat away from critical areas. In addition, lubricants can clean – removing contaminants from within machinery and ensuring maintenance downtime is reduced.

Our lubricant portfolio comprises oils, greases, pastes and sprays, meaning there is always a product for your application.
With over 40 years of experience and product knowledge, Silmid is the first choice when it comes to selecting the right lubricant.

Featured Content

Selecting Your Turbine Engine Oil

Aero engine

Turbine engine oils, sometimes referred to as jet oils, turbo oils or abbreviated to TEOs, are speciality lubricants designed to support the operation of turbine engines. First developed during the 1940’s, turbine engines can now be seen on almost all commercial aircraft currently in operation.

While aviation is the main market place for these oils, there are other applications, especially in the power industry, where turbine engines are used.

Introduction to Hydraulic Fluids in Aerospace

Aircraft wheels on runway

Hydraulic systems are found in both commercial and military aircraft, converting pressurised fluids to power a variety of components. To reduce maintenance costs, selecting the right hydraulic fluid is essential, and the following introduction provides an insight into what considerations should be taken when choosing the right fluid.

There are various types of hydraulic fluids (sometimes referred to as hydraulic oil) currently in operation around the world.

Featured Brands

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