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A History of MIL-I-46058

MIL-I-46058, is a set of standards established by the United States Department of Defence (DoD) for the design and manufacturing of electrical connectors. These connectors play a crucial role in ensuring secure and reliable electrical connections in various military applications, ranging from aircraft and ground vehicles to communication systems and weapons platforms.

The history of MIL-I-46058 can be traced back to the mid-20th century when the U.S. military recognized the need for standardized electrical connectors to enhance interoperability, reliability, and maintenance efficiency across its diverse array of equipment and systems. As military technology advanced and became more complex, the importance of standardized connectors became even more pronounced.


MIL-I-46058 establishes rigorous standards for the selection and application of conformal coating materials on printed circuit assemblies, with a core focus on shielding sensitive components from environmental hazards such as moisture, dust, and chemicals, thereby mitigating potential damage and electrical malfunctions. Its compliance with these standards ensures that conformal coatings effectively bolster the durability and lifespan of electronic systems, guaranteeing steadfast performance even in demanding military and aerospace settings.

This standard encompasses various designations "UR", "AR", "ER" and "SR", and ensuring that conformal coatings meet a wider range of rigorous criteria, enhancing the durability and longevity of electronic systems. Compliance with MIL-I-46058 guarantees consistent performance, even in challenging military and aerospace environments.

Moreover, the specification fosters uniformity, reliability, and compatibility among suppliers and applications within these sectors, reinforcing quality assurance measures and facilitating seamless integration across diverse electronic platforms.

MIL-I-46058 Specification Charts

MIL-I-46058 Significance in the Defense Industry

MIL-I-46058 Significance in the Aerospace Industry

Reliability and Longevity
  • Conformal coatings meeting MIL-I-46058 standards bolster the reliability and lifespan of electronic components in military applications.
  • These coatings serve as a protective shield against harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to a variety of chemicals.
Mission-Critical Applications
  • Electronic assemblies conforming to MIL-I-46058 are indispensable for mission-critical systems, where the failure of even a single component can have severe consequences.
  • Applications span across aerospace systems, communication equipment, radar systems, and various other defense electronics.
  • Adherence to MIL-I-46058 ensures a level of consistency and interoperability among different electronic components utilised across diverse defense platforms.
  • This standardisation streamlines maintenance, repair, and replacement processes in the field.

MIL-I-46058 Type Specifications

SR (Silicone)Exceptional flexibility and thermal stability.Flexibility, thermal stability, moisture resistance, chemical resistance.Extreme temperature variations, moisture, chemicals.
AR (Acrylic)Excellent electrical properties and adhesion.High dielectric strength, low surface resistance, UV resistance.Critical applications requiring consistent electrical performance.
UR (Urethane)Robust protection against chemicals and abrasion.Chemical resistance, abrasion resistance.Harsh operating conditions.
ER (Epoxy)Exceptional adhesion and chemical resistance.High adhesion, chemical resistance.Applications requiring strong bond and chemical protection.

These products either meet or are approved to the MIL-I-46058 specification.

Please consult the product page and product description for the specific grade/size you intend to purchase to ensure it will be supplied with MIL-I-46058 paperwork.


Military Specification MIL-I-46058 emerges as a linchpin in maintaining the reliability and functionality of electronic components in defense applications. By setting stringent guidelines for conformal coatings, the standard not only fortifies the durability of electronic assemblies in challenging environments but also fosters interoperability within the defense industry. As technology continues to advance, these specifications remain indispensable for propelling military capabilities forward and safeguarding national security.