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Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global manufacturer of synthetic polymers formulated for customers who require high-performance materials that exceed the properties, functionality and durability of traditional materials suppliers. Silmid offer an extensive range of Araldite products.

Why Araldite?

Araldite ® epoxy adhesives, occupy a key position in the engineering industry. More and more engineers who struggle against the clock to develop and market lighter more durable products, resort to the industrial adhesives of Huntsman Araldite to address complex design problems.

Araldite 2000 Range of Adhesives

The Araldite 2000 Range of Epoxy, Polyurethane and Methacrylate (MMA) are designed to bond a wide range of materials including metals, composites and thermoplastics. The gel times run from 90 seconds to two hours making it ideal for industrial engineers.

Structural adhesives from the Araldite 2000 Range are based on key chemistries, epoxy, methacrylate and polyurethane. Every adhesive can enhance the execution and life span of the materials they bond and is suited for joining a wide assortment of substrates including plastics, metals and composite materials. The range is split into two areas, metal bonding and plastic bonding, making it easier to meet business demands.

The Araldite 2000 adhesives provide high performance and long term durability. They have a broad range of handling and cure times and can be used for bonding metals, plastics and composites. The range also caters for heat and chemical resistance with a range of viscosities to suit different manufacturing processes.