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The New Look Araldite 2000 Range

The Araldite 2000 adhesive range from Huntsman encompasses a variety of epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate products for bonding to a range of substrates including metals, glass, rubber and wood. With the front line package of eight adhesives, users are able to cover 80% of all bonding needs while profiting from additional benefits such as reduced inventory and training costs.

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Epoxy Adhesives

These products are load-bearing adhesives most suitable for bonding metals and composites, but have good results on ceramics and glass too. They exhibit excellent chemical resistance, with some of the range also suitable for wet and humid environments. 

Product Mixed Colour Mix Ratio by Weight  Notes  
Araldite 2011 Pale Yellow 100:80 Multi purpose. Long service life. 
Araldite 2012 Pale Yellow 100:100 Versatile. Fast curing. 
Araldite 2014-2 Dark Grey 100:50 Excellent chemical and thermal resistance. 
Araldite 2015-1 Beige 100:100 Load resistant. 
Araldite 2019 Black 100:43 High temperature resistance (140°C). 
Araldite 2031-1 Black 100:120 Specific for binding compounds and polyamides. 


Methacrylate Adhesives 

Methacrylate adhesives are more resilient, and suitable for bonding to composites, thermoplastics and metals. 

Product Mixed Colour Mix Ratio by Weight  Notes  
Araldite 2051  Pale Yellow 100:100 Ultra-fast mounting in extreme conditions.  

Polyurethane Adhesives  

The Polyurethane (PU) range is more flexible, and suited for composites and some thermoplastics such as FGRP, GRP and CFRP. 

Product Mixed Colour Mix Ratio by Weight  Notes  
Araldite 2028-1   Transparent 100:100 Fast cure. 

Additional Products

Outside of the eight basic adhesives, an additional range of products is available for diverse bonding needs. These products cure between 90 seconds and two hours and are available in a range of chemistries as indicated below. The Araldite 2000 range is supplied in a variety of easy to use small pack sizes, from 50ml dual cartridges to 2kg dual can kits.
Product Mixed Colour Mix Ratio by Weight  Chemistry   
Araldite 2010-1 Pale Yellow 100:100  Epoxy 
Araldite 2013-1 Grey 100:60  Epoxy 
Araldite 2020  Transparent 100:30 Epoxy 
Araldite 2021-1 Pale Yellow 100:100 Methacrylate 
Araldite 2022-1  Pale Yellow 100:100 Methacrylate 
Araldite 2047-1 Brown 100:8.8 Methacrylate  
Araldite 2048-1 Black 100:11 Methacrylate  
Araldite 2050 
Pale Yellow  100:100  Methacrylate 
Araldite 2052-1 
100:12  Methacrylate  
Araldite 2018 
Opaque  100:95 Polyurethane  
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