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Ambersil Aviation Approved MRO Products

Part of the global CRC Industries group, Ambersil have an excellent understanding of the chemical industry and global marketplace. All Ambersil products undergo stringent quality control tests at every stage of product production. As a customer of Ambersil you can feel confident that the products will produce right first time results; every time. PERFORMANCE. RELIABILITY. TRUST. 

Ambersil have a range of:

  • MRO Cleaners
  • Lubricants
  • Metal working fluids
  • Silicone resistant agents

At Silmid, we have full access to the complete Ambersil range, from MRO cleaners and lubricants, to metal working fluids and silicone release agents. Our product portfolio leads with aviation approved cleaners and lubricants, and all customers can place orders as small as a single can, using our simple 3 step process.

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Anti-Static foaming cleaner, removes general grime and soiling on all hard surfaces, fabrics and carpets. 


  • Removes light oils, finger marks and other post maintenance contamination
  • Safe for use on plastics, metals, painted and glazed surfaces
  • Foaming action limits over application
  • Non-flammable version available

Specifications: NATO Cat. 6550-99-2125987

Known End Users: Rolls-Royce, Swiss International, Iran Air, SATA Air Acores, ATC Lasham, Qatar Airways



Amberklene FE10

Fast evaporating solvent cleaner. Excellent general purpose degreaser.


  • Fast & Effective cleaner/degreaser
  • Powerful flushing action, rapidly removes contaminants
  • Safe for use on most metals & plastics
  • Does not leave a residue
  • Ideal surface preparation solvent

Specifications: NATO Cat. 6850-99-6636478

Known End Users: GE Aircraft Engine Services, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic, ATC Lasham, British Airways, Rolls Royce, H S Aviation

Amberklene LO30

Low odour solvent, for general purpose degreasing.


  • Highly effective cleaner/degreaser
  • Fast evaporating, leaving surface clean and dry
  • Safe for use on metal and painted surfaces
  • Ultra low conductivity
  • Will not stress-crack acrylic
  • Suitable for cleaning in enclosed areas around windows

Specifications: US Federal Spec. TT-N-95B British Airways

Known End Users: British Airways, GEM Services UK, Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear, Monarch Aircraft Engineering

Ambersil Lubricants

Ambersil PX24

Exceptional multi-purpose lubricant formulated to military specifications.


  • Offers medium-term corrosion protection and general purpose lubrication
  • Zero copper corrosion
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Protects parts in storage
  • Penetrates to displace moisture

Specifications: DEF STAN 68-10 Issue 5, Mil-PRF-16173 Agusta Westland WHPS 158 Group 5, NATO Cat. C-634

Known End Users: AgustaWestland, H+S Aviation, Airbus

Ambersil AMS4 Silicone Grease

For use on high voltage and 3-phase connector casings and joints to seal against moisture ingress.


  • Insulates high voltage parts against leaking or arcing
  • Waterproofs electronics in damp or humid conditions
  • Prevents cracking on rubber seals
  • Prevents ice build up

Specifications: DEF STAN 68-89/1, Mil-S-8660B, RAF 34B, NATO 5970-99-224-4975

Known End Users: British Airways, ATC Lasham


Ambersil 40+

Multi-purpose maintenance oil, can be used as a penetrant, lubricant, anti corrosion and as a moisture displacer.


  • Engineers essential ‘cure-all’ product
  • Quickly frees seized nuts, bolts and reduces wear
  • Non-conductive film
  • Safe on most paints, rubbers and plastics
  • No silicone

Specifications: Rolls Royce Aero Engines Approved 1036J/1732

Known End Users: British Airways, ATC Lasham, AgustaWestland

Product Spotlight

Ambersil Corrosion Inhibitor

Use on ferrous metal as a long-term protective coating for stored equipment, aircraft structures and fasteners.


  • Film will not harden or crack
  • Forms a ‘self repairing’ waxy film
  • Will not stain or mark components

Specifications: Meets Mil-PRF-16173E (class 1, grade 2) Passes requirements of ASTM B117-03


Ambersil Leak Detector

Spray on gaseous pipes and joins to identify leaks. Ideal for preventative maintenance checks and new installations.


  • Water-based formulation, no oils, silicones or harmful solvents
  • No ‘run off’ hazard
  • Non-flammable and completely odourless
  • Safe for use on oxygen systems

Specifications: BS EN 14291:2004, MIL-L-25567, Rolls Royce PCO-2594

Known End Users: Rolls Royce

Ambersil Tufcut

Ready-to-use metal cutting fluid, that provides exceptional performance in demanding applications.


  • Improves heat dissapation and prevents chip welding
  • Allows heavier close tolerance cuts
  • Apply directly to drill bits or work pieces

Specifications: AgustaWestland LIS 6045

Known End Users: AgustaWestland, ATC Lasham