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Aircraft Interiors by 3M

3M Aerospace offer solutions for the manufacture and ongoing maintenance of aircraft cabin interiors. Their product portfolio covers a wide array of applications, including bonding, filling, potting and structural reinforcement across the interior.

3M low density, expandable, epoxy core splice adhesive films are designed to fill mismatched areas and gaps, splice honeycomb cores and finish edges of sandwich panels. These thermally expanding films are perfect for typical industry cure cycles of 120°C - 180°C.

Developed to be co-cured with structural adhesive films and composite prepregs, they save time in manufacturing by eliminating post-cure finishing processes.

3M Paste Adhesives For Interior Applications

3M Aerospace offer a full portfolio of paste adhesives suitable for bonding, potting, void filling and edge filling throughout the aircraft. Many of these adhesives are tested to FR (Fire Retardant) or FST (Fire, Smoke, Toxicity) requirements, ensuring safe and long lasting application.

3M Film Adhesives for Interior Applications

3M’s structural and core splice adhesive films offer low density solutions to honeycomb bonding and edge filling applications. Many of these products are compatible with two different cure cycles, offering flexibility in the maintenance or manufacture process.

3M Spray and Contact Adhesives for Interior Applications

3M’s spray and contact adhesives are suitable for a wide variety of decorative bonding applications. These durable products offer quick dry times and strong finishes.

3M Tapes for Interior Applications

Alongside traditional liquid adhesives, tapes can be used within the cabin interior for a wide variety of applications. From corrosion prevention around floor beams and wet areas, to the assembly and maintenance of seats, partitions and trims, 3M tapes may be the perfect solution to your application.

3M Reclosable Fasteners for Interior Applications

Reclosable “Hook and Loop” products can be used across industry. However, the 3M “FR” rated “Hook and Loop” system can be used in a variety of interior applications including seat assembly and manufacture.