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Socomore SkyRestore New Formulation

For decades, Socomore SkyRestore (previously Elixair SkyRestore) has been used by airlines, MRO’s and other aerospace end users to effectively remove fully cured sealants from across the airframe. Since May 2020, the European Union has been regulating one of the key ingredients in SkyRestore, regarding 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) as a substance of very high concern (SVHC).

Socomore are pleased to introduce a newly reformulated version of SkyRestore, that is not only NMP free, but has a higher flashpoint and only 30% of the VOC emissions of the original. Still available as both a liquid and a gel, this new formulation is as effective as the original, and is an essential part of any MRO or OEM application involving the removal of sealants and some adhesives.

CharacteristicsNEW GelNEW LiquidOLD GelOLD Liquid
Product Codes407-1406-1307-1306-1
Contains NMPNoNoYesYes
Flash Point (°C)79795656
VOC Content293g/l317g/l900-950g/l900-950g/l

SkyRestore is part of the Socomore “Sky” family of sealant removal products. This chemical can be used alongside SkyScrapers to efficiently remove polysulfide, polythioether and RTV sealant:

· Using a SkyScraper, score the cured sealant to accelerate absorption and molecular breakdown.

· Unscrew lid and pour (or pump) an appropriate amount of SkyRestore 406 or 407 into a pot or container.

· Replace lid to prevent spillage.

· Using a suitable brush, dab the SkyRestore 406 or 407 in the pot or container and apply liberally to the scored sealant area.

· Leave for approximately 5-30 minutes (exact time is determined by type and thickness of sealant), ensuring the area remains moist by re-application of SkyRestore 406 or 407 if necessary.

· Remove the softened sealant with an appropriate SkyScraper.

· Wipe with a dry wipe approved to AMS3819D Standard to remove and soak up any we residue.

· Clean the remaining now wet or tacky sealant residue using one of our surface cleaners.

· Repeat if necessary.


socomore skyrestore application
socomore skyrestore application
socomore skyrestore application
socomore skyrestore application