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Nyco are the sole European producer of aviation lubricants and experts in the development of synthetic ester-base stocks. With a comprehensive range of aviation lubricants with international approvals for Armed forces (Air, Sea, Land), Oil & Gas, Power generation,MROs, OEMs, Airlines & Aircraft manufacturers.

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Product Spotlight

Nyco 65 Vaseline 1Kg Can Air 3565A S-743


Nyco 65 Vaseline is a stiff, rather tacky petrolatum (heavy mineral paraffin wax), with a melting point in the range 45 to 65°C. It is not agressive to any metal or alloy


  • Nyco 65 Vaseline is primarily used as a light lubricating grease or as assembly compound for parts that are not exposed to high temperature or high loads
  • It may be used as a constituent in certain types of rust preventive compounds.


  • Anti-seize, assembly and dismantling of aircrafts and helicopters parts and seals
  • Temporary rust prevention in workshop
  • Battery terminals protection




Comprehensive solutions for high-performance, responsible technologies.


includes high performance greases designed to withstand extreme operating conditions, high temperatures, speed, or high pressure; as well as salty, humid or corrosive environments.


The TURBONYCOIL® product range includes high performance synthetic aviation turbine and piston engine oils as well as mineral preservation oils. Our turbine oils are fortified with carefully selected anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives.


HYDRAUNYCOIL® includes high performance mineral and synthetic fluids for hydraulic systems at high and low temperature. Our fluids have outstanding properties regarding resistance to fire and extreme pressure, anti-corrosion and biodegradability.

Besides their high quality, our products are cost efficient, placing them among the best aviation lubricants on the market. Our turbine oils can be safely mixed and interchanged with other oils meeting the same specifications.

NYCO lubricants have brought 60 years of military experience to the service of civil aviation.