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Momentive silicones

The Momentive silicones range brings innovation to a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, personal care, consumer products, aerospace, and building and construction to name a few. With basic siloxane polymers; and an extensive portfolio of additives, including silanes, specialty fluids, and urethane additives. Momentive also have an extensive offering of formulated products, including elastomers and coatings. 

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Product Spotlight

Momentive RTV 106 High Temp FDA Silicone Adhesive Red 310ml (327gm) Cartridge 

*MIL-A-46106B G3 Type 1

Momentive RTV106 is a one component, ready-to-use adhesive sealant and is extremely versatile


  • Momentive RTV106 moisture cure sat room temperature.
  • Acetic acid vapours are released from the sealant surface as a by-product of cure.
  • Momentive RTV106 sealant is paste-consistency sealant.
  • Momentive RTV106 sealants is a standard strength high-temperature sealant.

Key Performance Properties

  • Capability to cure at room temperature and ambient humidity
  • Self adhesion properties
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • High temperature performance
  • Excellent weatherability and ozone and chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties


  •  MIL-A-46106B