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3M Aerospace


3M™ Aerospace

3M™ Aerospace has more than 30 major technology platforms that form the basis of 60,000 major products. With manufacturing expertise, networked technical support, sales and distributor networks, 3M™ serve the world. Count on 3M™ Aerospace to provide you the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

3M™ Aerospace and Silmid Limited

Silmid Limited provides end user distribution for 3M aerospace. As a highly specialised distributor, Sil-Mid Limited is perfectly placed to provide value added service to the complex and speciality products.

Aircraft Interiors

3M™ Aerospace offers a variety of solutions for your requirements in aircraft interior applications. Whether you need a solution fulfilling FAR/JAR 25.853 and ABD0031 requirements or you have problems with weight management in aircraft component manufacturing, 3M™ have a large portfolio.

Aircraft Painting

With the fast changing requirements of aircraft painting, 3M™ constantly strives for new solutions to make your job easier, faster and more cost effective. We offer a complete product range for paint shop applications, from paint removal and paint preparation to over painting and paint finishing.

Aero Structures

3M™ Aerospace provides a full set of structural solutions including low density void fillers, core splice films, adhesive films and paste adhesives, designed for both composite and metal structure bonding assembly in aircraft manufacturing.

Aircraft Engines

3M™ Aerospace is present in many applications in the engine, nacelle and APU structures. Innovative solutions have been developed to solve problems like high temperature resistance, acoustic dampening and impact protection.


Bracket Bonding Adhesive EC-7202

3M Aircraft MRO