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PPG PR1770

PR1770 is a sealant product manufactured by PPG Aerospace, a division of PPG Industries. PR-1770 is a two-part, manganese dioxide cured polysulfide compound designed for use as a cured-in-place gasket sealant for aircraft fuel tanks and other areas where fuel resistance is required.

PPG PR-1770 Class A

PR-1770A is a dual-component, high temperature resistant sealant designed for brushing applications, functioning reliably across a wide temperature span from -55°C to +180°C. It boasts exceptional resilience against aircraft fuels, lubricating oils, and phosphate ester hydraulic oils, resisting degradation effectively. In its uncured state, the sealant presents as a viscous liquid, facilitating easy application by brush or roller. Once cured, it maintains superior elastomeric properties, even after prolonged exposure to aircraft fuels, ensuring enduring effectiveness.

View our Class A products below.


PPG PR-1770 Class B

PR-1770 Class B stands as a robust aircraft integral fuel tank sealant, boasting high strength and reliability. Tailored for fillet sealing within fuel tanks and other fuselage sealing applications in aircraft, this material maintains its exceptional elastomeric properties even after enduring prolonged exposure to both jet fuel and aviation gas.

Comprising a two-part formulation, Class B utilises manganese dioxide curing with Permapol P-5 polysulfide compound. In its uncured state, it presents as a low-sag, thixotropic paste, ideal for application using extrusion guns or spatulas. Upon curing at room temperature, it transforms into a resilient sealant, exhibiting excellent adhesion to commonly used aircraft substrates.

PPG PR-1770 Class C

PR-1770C stands as a dual-component, high-temperature-resistant sealant, crafted for faying surface applications. It exhibits remarkable resilience against aircraft fuels, lubricating oils, and is adept at withstanding the degrading effects of phosphate ester hydraulic oils.  In its uncured state, the sealant presents as a dense liquid, well-suited for application by brush or roller. Upon curing at room temperature, it transforms into a resilient sealant. View our range of PR1770 Class C sealants below.



PR1770 product tin

Here are some key characteristics of PR-1770:

Fuel Resistance: PR-1770 is formulated to resist exposure to aviation fuels, hydraulic fluids, and other chemicals commonly found in aerospace environments.

It exhibits excellent adhesion to aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and other metals commonly used in aircraft construction.

Flexibility: PR-1770 remains flexible after curing, allowing for slight movement without compromising the seal.

Temperature Resistance: It can withstand a wide range of temperatures typically encountered in aerospace applications.

Cure Time: PR-1770 typically cures at room temperature, although elevated temperatures can accelerate the curing process.