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Bonderite C-AK

The C-AK range specifically focuses on providing effective and efficient cleaners and pretreatment chemicals for metal surfaces. C-AK products are manufactured by Bonderite, a Henkel brand, whose products encompass a variety of surface treatment solutions for metals, designed to improve corrosion resistance, paint adhesion, and overall surface performance. C-AK stands for Alkaline Cleaners. The C-AK range includes a number of different surface treatment products. The different product types are grouped below.

Bonderite C-AK Metal Pretreatment

The C-AK range includes a number of metal pretreatment products which are vital for prolonging the lifespan of your airframe and aerospace components. Prior to bonding, sealing, or painting, aircraft components necessitate a uniform metal pretreatment surface that meets all your process specifications. This encompasses every phase of metal pretreatment, ranging from cleaning and degreasing to conversion coating. See our key products below.

C-AK products can be used on various substrates. The list below shows the substrates covered in the C-AK range. Please note not all C-AK products will work on all the metals listed below. You will need to view information on individual products to find which product can be used for which substrate.

  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium
  • Magnesium - Die Cast
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Ferrous
  • Non Ferrous
  • Mild Steel

C-AK products also can have the following characteristics, to match a product to a characteristic, please view the product of interest.


 Characteristic Property
 Product Consistency
 Product Form
 Product Chemistry
 Water Based

C-AK Depaint Cleaners

Bonderite depaint technologies are NESHAP compliant.  Silmid stock product Bonderite C-AK 5948DPM EU Aero, a water based, blue, concentrated compound. Ideal for large or small aircraft or engine parts during engine overhaul. Alternatively used in immersion tanks for dip applications.

Bonderite Bonderite C-AK 5948DPM EU AERO in a 25kg red pail

Other Bonderite C-AK Alkaline Cleaners

This range of Bonderite alkaline cleaners includes cleaners in powder form, concentrated solution, liquid form. The C-AK products are designed to clean metal surfaces thoroughly, removing contaminants such as oils, greases, dirt, and oxides. Effective cleaning is essential for ensuring proper adhesion of subsequent coatings or treatments. Some of these C-AK products were formally known as Turco products.