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Turbo Oils

Eastman Aviation Solutions offer a range of high quality turbine lubricants, with over a billion hours of proven performance, turbo oils are a highly trusted solution for aircraft turbine engine lubrication.

Their in-house formulation expertise enable them to design, develop and evaluate their range of products in a unique manner, maximizing the performance benefits from the latest advances in additive and base stock technologies. 

Commercial & Business Aviation

The aviation industry demands the highest standards of quality assurance from manufacturers. 

To ensure that their turbine lubricants meet those high standards, Eastman Aviation Solutions developed a layered approach to quality assurance, utilizing procedural controls and scientific verification that are shared across all functions of the organization supporting the aviation product line.

Helicopter oils

Turbo Oil 2197, Turbo Oil 2380 and Turbo Oil 25 provide a solution for the most challenging helicopter missions. 

Eastman Aviation Solutions creates innovative solutions for high-severity engines providing industry leading products and services.

Product Spotlight

Turbo Oil 2197

The leading High Performance Capable (HPC) oil in service today, it was developed to meet the needs of the most demanding turbine engines, offering best-in-class high-temperature performance. 

Turbo Oil 2197 is AS5780 HPC/MIL-PRF-23699 HTS class


  • 5 CST high thermal stability synthetic lubricant
  • High temperature cleanliness
  • Outstanding oxidative, thermal and hydrolytic stability

Turbo Oil 2380

One of the most widely used turbo oils in commercial service, it is uniquely suited for turbo props, providing the highest high-load-carrying capability and advantaged low-temperature viscosity characteristics in its class. 

Approved for MIL-PRF-23699 STD, AS5780 SPC


  • 5 CST High thermal stability synthetic lubricant
  • Balanced combination of oxidative and thermal stability 
  • Best low temperature characteristics

Turbo Oil 2389

The most widely used 3 cSt oil in aircraft APUs, it provides excellent “cold soak” reliability in aircraft accessories. It has excellent low-temperature fluidity characteristics with good thermal and oxidation stability. 

Approved MIL-PRF-7808 Grade 3 


  • 3 CST synthetic lubricant 
  • Cold weather
  • Provides excellent cold soak reliability 

Turbo Oil 25

The industry leader for load-carrying capability, it is a Type II oil primarily used in helicopter gearboxes and transmissions. The high-gear, load-carrying ability of Turbo Oil™ 25 earned its approval against U.S. 

Approved Military specification DODPRF-85734, DEF STAN 91-100 


  • 3 CST synthetic lubricant 
  • Type II oil in helicopter gearbox and transmission
  • Gearbox, Helicopter, Transmission