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Eastman Official Distributors

Eastman provide a range of aviation lubricants that are ideal for turbine engines. Using the correct lubricant can reduce damaging coking and, in the process, provide protection, extend maintenance intervals and overall reduce downtime.

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Eastman Official Distributor

Eastman is a global company that produces specialty chemicals with a broad range of products found in items people use every day. As an official Eastman distributor, we offer the full range of Eastman aviation products including their world-leading range of turbine engine oils.   

With no minimum order value, stock levels against the entire TEO (Turbine Engine Oils) range and 24/7 on-demand access via our website make Sil-Mid your number one choice for Eastman products.  


Eastman Turbo Oils

Eastman has a range of high-quality turbine engine lubricants designed to exceed the demands of current and future aircraft engines. Eastman turbo oils offer billions of hours of proven performance with a range of benefits across the Turbo Oil range including increased performance, better engine health, reliability across a wide temperature range, and even specially formatted oils specifically for helicopters.

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Eastman also produce the Skydrol™ aviation hydraulic fluid the most advanced aviation hydraulic fluid supported by recognised experts in phosphate-ester fluid
technology. The Skydrol line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids was
developed to meet the Type V hydraulic fluid requirements developed by
Airbus, Boeing, and hydraulic fluid manufacturers.